Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so the puppy.. if you have ready any posts this week.. you know one found us.. we fell in love with her.. found the reward poster.. called.. and she lived across the street.. I refused the reward.. happy story!  well Im surfing thru craigslist.. like I always do.. cuz their is just some funny stuff there.. and I run across this listing for a 6 week old HUSKY mix puppy $50 .. so I look.. and this is the picture I see.
puppy now tell me this is not the same damn puppy?  I took a ton of pictures.. and I know for a fact this is her.. down to the white tip on her tail.. if I had known they just wanted to turn around and sell her I would have kept her.. the location of town is not my area.. so im confused how this little baby is now on the other side of town.  I emailed the person saying I was very confused.. and sent a picture.. im sure I will never find out.. (well at least until the neighbors come home then im going to ask)  GRRRR.. just ruined my entire day!

~~~~~edited~~~~~ just a few mins since I emailed them about the dog.. and what do you know.. no reply to me.. but the ad is gone.. so now I know its the same dog.. FUMING I am.. 1…2….3….4….

~~~EDITED AGAIN~~~OOO MMM GGG.. sorry to keep posting.. but hubby is alseep.. and I have no one to rant  so the posting went missing right.. well then they posted in another section.. and I started getting replies to my post I made saying I knew it was the same dog.. and I was confused how it was free to them on sunday.. monday they lost if.. and offered a reward for its return.. I returned it.. declined the reward.. and wed its for sale.. Its a mutt.. not pure anything.. has never had any shots or anything.. and the ad is asking 50 bucks.. and that I would like her back if possible.. so many kind people emailng me left and right.. now they are posting here.. and there.. and some even replying to her add trying to get her for me.. well now shes asking for 50 PLUS a $70 re homing fee.. WHAT!?!?! and shes blocking everyone that has been trying to help me get the puppy back.. omg I hope and pray that this is not my neighbor and this is some nasty lady that stole her.. cuz I dunno if I can look at my neighbor now.. omg she has been so nasty to the people emailing.. and they have not mentioned me at all.. simply.. I want her.. and offering to PAY HER..   Im a mess.. Ive got to get away from the puter before I go nuts!!!!


Monkey Girl said...

I've been following the story! OH my goodness Mindi! That is just terrible!! I can't believe it!!!! I sure hope that you get her!!!!! I'll say some prayers that you get her!!!!! *BIG HUGS*

crzymom said...

I can't believe what some people will do. I'm so sorry!!! Hope you get your cute little girl back.

Kristine said...

Hi Mindi,

How's your girl? Did you get her back?

Sue said...

Oh...did you get her back? Was it your neighbour?
OMG...please let me know.
Hope all turned out OK.
Sue in canada