Friday, April 08, 2011


I just figured out how to make the little icon that you see next to my bookmarked link and at the top of the address line.. Ive been wondering how to do that for YEARS! I also had to create and figure out Photobucket.. Ive always used Flickr but I see its no longer nice and friendly and it no longer lets you actually USE them.. so off I went in search of something new.. I'm pretty sure I have just used up any if not ALL my brain cells (I no longer have many left.. stupid meds) but wanted to share my achievement with yall.. no one else to tell! lol

Friday, April 01, 2011

How about some SALES!?!?!?

Its been 4-evvva since I had anything new in the store.. handful of reason.. but the main one was becuz I couldnt figure out my program.. Well with DaWenchies help.. bada bing bada bang.. I was able to come up with 2 bits for this collab.. SWEEEET! and once I feel better (had some new spinal injections that just didnt settle well with me this go) I will be making some more goodies!! Hopefully even trying some new styles from my norm.. but until then................The designers at Kristine’s Place have been busy collaborating. One common swatch. Different design styles. Multiple product choices. Have a peek!

Nineteen products! Build your own customized mega-kit! To make the deal sweeter, each product is on sale for just $1.00, for this weekend only!! What are you waiting for? Swing by the store and lets Build Your Inspiration! ;-)