Tuesday, November 20, 2007

shoot me now!

om gosh.. someone PLEASE shoot me!
so my friend calls at 9 last night.."come sit with me in the ER"
3:45 am.. I roll into the house.. to find hubby still up.. proclaiming hes been waiting up for me... my reply... "then who will be up with Josh all morning since we are both up all night?" he says " well we have managed to sleep so far.. WEEEEE will figure it out!" HA .. WE HAHAHAHAHA.. so here I am.. with a migraine.. dead to the world.. sore throat.. tummy ache.. Logan be bopping around.. josh proclaiming to be healed! and Cody is fast asleep.. WE sure did figure it out! lol OY...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My latest project!!

started this stupid things weeks ago then with josh and life.. it just got put off..
then I discovered.. AFTER my first sketch was drawn and the wood cut.. It was not going to be what I wanted..
so I sketched again.. went and had more wood cut.. only to discover.. it cant be built like that! (this is where a carpenter would laugh his buns off at me)
so 3rd sketch and a tetris of sorts of the cut wood.. this is what I have.. it was suppose to be a wall of cubes.. like a cubed book shelf kinda thing.. *coughs* well.. maybe in my next project..lol
this also was suppose to STAND..lol but when I asked hubby to hep me assemble.. he crabbed the warped wood.. so its the leaning tower of paper now.. which is FINE.. he helped.. so I don care! it can lay just as easy as it can stand!!
but this will hold ALSMOST all my 12x12 papers..lol yea.. hubby is not thrilled at my amount of stuff gather again.. but I tried to show him.. I've been taking things out of where they were so I can SEE them..
so I think my next project is to make myself a desk/work table.. and then attempt those darn cube things again..lol

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another wild hair...

So I was looking around today at all the Fall sales and stuff.. and saw some pumpkins that I really liked.. so I came home and made something KINDA like them.. I dont like the large base but it was too easy to tip without.. and I didnt want to cut a new base so I grabbed a scrap I already had laying around.. Had many people email and ask.. WHATS THIS MADE OF?? Its a end cut from a 2x4!~ I had a scrap laying around and went to work carving and cutting..

Monday, November 05, 2007

how cool to have caught this!!

I think I will always treasure this image! Im very lucky to have such loving boys. They are eaither kissing or huggin or they are arguing.. but SECONDS after a fight. its back to the love. I cant wait until they are adults... so I can give this image to them!