Saturday, November 07, 2009

My babies are growing up.. sigh

I didnt buy the boys school pictures this year because I thought I could capture them better.. but now I see how grown up they are.. josh1
The min I said I was going to take their pictures.. the injuries started.. see the eye?  Puppy love gone wrong! josh2
Do you think I could get some really mature poses??  Nope.. I only got goofy with Josh
I have no clue what this was about… Rock Star?  In Pain? logan1
This is what I got most of the time when I tried to get Logan to pose.. he was SOO MAD AT ME!  why you ask?  cuZ hes 11 DUH! logan2
To me… he looks like a model.. I couldnt tell if I liked the color or black and white.. either way.. WHERE IS MY BABY??? logan3