Monday, January 26, 2009

missing? or found?

well so much for all that I
MIL didnt have a good night or morning.. so I didnt go on the field trip..
as the inlaws were leaving to go see the dr... I was in the kitchen making stew.. and my FIL comes back in and yells.. you have company.. I said who.. and this is what he had in his handsmissShe was at my front door.. 30 mins earlier she wasnt there.. cuz I took the boys to school.. so im walking them to the car.. carrying the puppy.. my dogs are out doing their morning tinnkle.. and the dog pound is driving by.. which is odd for sure.. you can call them.. and it takes 3 days for them to show up.. so I quick like got my dogs in the house.. just to make sure.. and watched him.. he was going to the new neighbors house.. so there I stood.. going.. do I turn her in .. or take her in.. well of course.. in she came.. I will take her out every so often during the day for a walk around.. to see if anyone is out looking for her.. Im sure someone put her in the back yard and went to work this morning..
I took her in to hubby.. who was just turning his light off to go to sleep.. and he said.. WHATS THAT (he has already made it law.. no more dogs until all our animals are gone- the dogs are 16 and the cat is 18..and he just doesnt want their last times here being pestered and bothered.. he wants them to know they were the ones and only ..uh.. ok.. and trust me ive tried to get a kitty.. NOPE..) I told him how it all happened.. hes glaring at me.. phone rings.. I put her on the bed.. and ran to get the phone.. I come back in and he is just baby talking her.. and loving her.. and our dogs and cat are just loving on her.. I had to giggle.. he kept saying.. ohhhh. .someone is going to be missing this pretty baby.. and all that.. like I need a puppy right now..lololol but if no one comes looking and I cant find a owner.. im sure she will stay.. but now is not a good time.. so im on the fence.. 50/50 in hopes of finding her home.. and keeping

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Kristine said...


Look at the widdle face!!!!!! OMG she is just tooo sweet!!!!! :D