Saturday, May 01, 2010

Long time a SALE and a Collab!

Boy.. life has really been busy.. With my mother in law fighting cancer and my boys hitting puberty.. I feel like Ive been as stretched as thin as I can go.. Ive not even been able to take pictures or play with graphics.. SHEEESH!  so thank goodness my team gave me a chance to play and give you some freebies!  Here are some of the goodies from my creative co-designers!!
juniorFashionista previews (4) juniorFashionista previews (1)
juniorFashionista previews (2) juniorFashionista previews (3)
Jump on over to their blogs and grab some goodies!
Kristine - http://kristinesplace/blog
Diane -
Jodiann -
Cate -
and here is what Im offering!
I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.. Hubby just bought me a MAC.. so now I get to relearn how to use a computer too!!
And to celebrate NSD My store will be 50% off!!shopping