Saturday, December 27, 2008

better late then never .. right? the book.. SORRY!

what a whirlwind of a time.. I'm glad it over...
Merry Christmas to you all! (late is better then nothing!)
Christmas eve is when I started wrapping any gifts.. up until about 4pm.. there was not one present under the tree.. we had talked to the boys about this year.. they would not be getting alot.. due to so many people outta jobs.. that meant a ton of families having NO Christmas.. so we would be spending our extra money (HAHAHA that is just funny sounding.. EXTRA!) buying gifts for the less fortunate.. they were not thrilled but both said.. OK right off the bat.. never heard a word that their were no gifts.. I was proud of em..
so I start wrapping ( I had snuck in more then I thought I had for them.. so this was going to be a long night) my inlaws were suppose to be there christmas eve..and go home the day after christmas.. but they were scared of getting stuck in one of the 3 storms that were SUPPOSE to hit us (not a one ever did) so about 7pm.. im still wrapping.. and hubby calls his parents to see for sure.. thats why they werent coming.. he said his mom was very upset.. cuz she was going to miss the boys opening presents and all that.. (we already said their would be no gift giving to anyone but the kids.. us adults dont need anythign.. and its just easier) so he came in to where I was wrapping..and told me about it.. and said.. "we should just go" well me not feeling well.. I mean.. I was feeling BAAAAAAd.. didnt even think.. and went off.. "no! this is our last christmas of the boys believing in santa.. and we have the kids.. it should be about them having it at home and blah blah blah" he said ok and off he went.. I started to wrap again and snapped.. I wasnt even thinkin of my MIL.. so as I wrapped I thought it over more and more.. how could we do this.. a main reason we dont leave anywhere is our animals.. the cat is 16 and not well.. we bend over backwards to keep food in her and the barf cleaned up.. the dogs are 14 years old.. and are far from being able to be left alone.. as they will not eat or drink if we are not home.. so as I wrapped.. and went back and pulled bows off all the gifts that were done.. I had decided I was the one that was wrong and being bad.. so I rushed to get all the gifts for the boys done.. called in hubby and said.. "ok, hows this.. we ask friends son to just sleep here tonight.. I finish wrapping.. we leave in say a hour.. drive there.. that puts us there at 1am.. we wake them up .. the boys open gifts.. we lay down for a nap.. leave first thing(inlaws had made new plans to take hubby's grandmother (my MILs mom) to her sons cabin, so they were leaving at 6am) and be home by noonish.. just in time to be at friends.. cuz she was cooking a big Christmas dinner for us all.. " hubby didn't even pause to think and yelled I rushed to finish the last few gifts.. hubby called friends son .. he came over.. I got all the boys gifts in a large box .. left all the stuff for hubby and friends and the mess.. we all grabbed our pillow and a coat.. and off we went..we got there at 1am.. the boys opened their gifts and ate a snack. we all went and laid down at 3am.. and were all up at 6am.. and back in the van and heading home.. got home at 11.. Im still sicker then a dog .. but just going thru the motions.. friend changed time for dinner to 4pm.. so hubby laid down for a little nap.. I tried to find the house.. tried to back a desert.. TRIED.. catch that? lol off we went to dinner.. Hubby snuck out as soon as we got there.. as there were a few gifts that were large that the boys didn't get cuz they were in the attic and I forgot about them.. so he snuck home.. got it all out and under the tree.. and snuck back.. we ate dinner.. came home. the boys saw the stuff.. and Logan said.. "hey! who came home and did this..? I said.. no one.. why do you ask? he said.. AHHH.. I knew Santa would find a way to see us.. even thou we did it all funny to be with gramma!" That made my entire Holiday season
After everyone was dead dog tired and heading to bed.. hubby came in as I was trying to clean up the mess so we could go to bed.. and hugged me big.. and whispered.. "thanks for going home with me" that meant a ton.. his mom is not doing well at all.. she just refuses to take care of herself.. he really doesn't see her making it to next year.. either does our friend..who is the cancer nurse.. so even tho I almost ruined it .. I managed to make it write.. and do the right thing..
hubby is now sicker then a dog.. I'm feeling a bit better.. I have no voice.. so that good for the but at least hubby now knows I wasn't just being a baby! lol hes pretty sure hes in hell.. sad thing is.. he has to work tonight.. should be interesting!
as for the sales on the day after.. NADA HERE.. 50% off... but it was at that BEFORE Christmas.. I had to go shopping.. as we had nothing in the house.. so I had no choice.. lots of people.. but the shelves still full with lots of choices..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

FREEBIE printable gift tags

Im still playing with KIMB's fun xmas kits.. I needed some fun tags.. so made these up.. and thought I would share with yall!
download HERE

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bleach in my eye! and Christmas goodie bags

DEAR LORD Bleach burns when you get it directly in your eye!
I was doing wash.. and when I was about to walk away.. I saw that a box I have in front of the washer (I have a front loader, so thought maybe it was leaking) was wet! so I grabed it up.. and when I did.. it caught on the door and flicked into my face.. OF COURSE ITS PURE BLEACH! I mean.. what else would it be! lol it splattered all over my face.. my fav GRAY sweatshirt.. my pants.. and my EYE!! I dropped the box and ran into the bathroom.. grabbed watter to put into my eye.. only to have it go down the inside of my sleep.. and into my bra.. ice cold water is VERY refreshing in the morning! so off with the clothes.. all the time with only one good eye.. then my head doesnt fit under the faucet.. so im cuping water and blinking.. only to look into the mirror to see if my eye was in deed still there.. to find.. that my make up was still perfect..lololol now this is the funny part.. I dont normally put on make up.. but Logan had a drs appt at 8am.. and the boys both have their Christmas parties today.. so I was ready for it all.. Im thinkin im going to wear this makeup it withstood.. drs, school diliveries, pure bleach, a whirlwind of a strip, and a ice bath.. my hair and make up are as fresh as the min I put it on..lololol course I cant see it JK.. it burns.. but is fine.. hubby told me to just keep flushing it every few.. He is rescue for Intel.. (among 10000 other job titles) and they have every chemical known to man kind.. most that kill.. he told me its going to burn like I swam all day in a pool with my eyes open.. but to keep flushing it just to make sure its all out and it doesnt dry into crystals.. so WILL DO!
Im such a procrastinator too.. the boys parites are TODAY.. so of course last night is when I did up the goodie bags! half the reason is cuz I didnt but im THAT MOM that thinks a goodie bag has to be issued for every occasion possible.. and the other half of the reason I waited was money is tight.. and I couldnt find anything to put in the blasted things! how sad is that??? I had bought a thing of playdoh at Sams after halloween.. 66 of the minis for 1.50.. I mean.. how is that a bad thing!??!?! so those went in.. minus the black ones.. they also just recently I guess.. found a pallet of halloween candy left over.. well it was the GOOD KINd.. ya know.. the 15lb bags of HERSHEY things.. for 3 bucks.. so I got 2 of those.. some for the boys lunches.. some for and the rest for the goodie bags.. I found some small candy canes and some christmassy suckers.. and that was IT! ive been looking for a month.. and there was NOTHING for goodie bags this year.. I saw some pencils at thanksgiving time.. but thought .. they will be there when I need them.. HA.. poor kids .. they are going to open those bags and go.. UHHH.. what gives? lol its just candy and a playdoh.. oh well.. better then nothing.. I normally make the teacher gifts too.. not this year.. no time with MIL and no brain waves.. so they got good ol store bought.. 50 bags done!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FREEBIE from KIMB's new kit!

KimB has a great new kit called TIME Anew and its soo pretty! I just couldnt wait to play with it!! So today was the day.. and I came up with this cluster and paper for you all..We are not real party animals.. but I do have a house full of PARTY POOPERS! lol so thought Id show one of them!
and now for the FREEBIE!
download HERE
as always.. Id love to read some love! (im

Monday, December 15, 2008

FREEBIE anyone??

Well since Im not selling digi stuff anymore.. I might as well give it away.. right??!
Right before I left I did these HOLIDAY COMMERCIAL RIBBONS.. no clue why Im sitting on them.. yall might like to play with them.. These are commercial use.. or personal use.. Id love some credit.. but hey.. your a big people now.. if you dont wanna.. I cant make ya!
Id love to hear from ya too.. so dont forget to leave some love!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas

snagged from a scrappin group I belong to..

Twas the night before Christmas, I'm glued to the tree.
I'm wondering what Santa brought just for me.
Could it be cardstock or chipboard or lace?
Or a Cricut, I said, with a smile on my face.
And that's when I heard him, "Hi Santa, " I said
"You know....good little girls should be in their beds."
"I know I should Santa, and now I've got caught.
But I was just so excited To see what you brought."
"Well, let's take a look in this room where you work.
He shook his head quickly, And left with a jerk.
I heard him exclaim as he put it in gear.
"You've got enough crap, I'll see you next year!"

'bout sums it up for my life!  lol

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas cards and Chemo

nice title huh?  well that's my life these days.. This is the first year I have not designed every part of the boys Xmas picture cards.. I just didn't have the joy in me this year.. so I used all the fantastic freebies that are being offered all over the web..   great stuff.. I've been blog hopping on a regular basis now.  it fills some time slots.. that starting a project just wouldn't fit into.. so that is great!!  Tomorrow is another round of Chemo.. Finally got MIL healthy enough to stand it..
Anyone else kinda in the depressed mood this year.. so many people out of work.. and money is tight for everyone.. I don't know if we will have the inlaws here for Xmas or not.. so if not.. I think we are going to have just a big ol family time kinda holiday.. hubby is off this year.. (unless they allow OT and they call him in)  so I'm hoping we just veg around the house.. and play games and do stuff as a family.. I'm going to put a NO WORLD OF WARCRAFT ban on the house.. well.. I should say I'm going to TRY.. at least for one entire day.. if not a few.. so we can really play together.. the boys wont be kids much longer.. Logan is 10 and Josh is 9.. the double digits of age are here.. so we gotta get in the play now.. before we, the parents become so dumb and lame.. that our children wouldn't be caught dead with
I wish you all .. a very merry Xmas.. and this year.. lets all try and go a smidgen overboard on the loving of our families.. even if its just for a small time.. it counts!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GOOD LORD! @$#%^%^

Who knew that changing your blog could be a all day thing?  well.. yes.. those of you that do it all the time.. know this stuff.. well I've never used a template or used already made things.. OH NO!!! that would be far tooooo easy.. I have to make my own.. and pull out all my hair!!  I'm not 100% satisfied with the outcome.. but frankly.. I'm sick of looking at it!!!  and I will be at the hospital all day tomorrow with MIL while she gets a blood transfusion.  they say its about a 8 hour thing.. AND we have to leave the house by 630AM.. fun fun.. huh??  lol  I cant go to bed just yet.. as she gets meds at 2 am.. and once its this late (12:12AM)  its tooo late to go to bed to wake up.. to go to bed.. to wake up.. so I will just stay up.. maybe I can find a spot on the floor tomorrow and catch a ZZZ or 3?

SIDE NOTE.. thank you to those of you who have contacted me with support.. means the world.. great big squishy hugs to you ladies!