Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MIA again..SORRY!!

there is too much going on to fill you in on this one post.. so will just hit some highlights..
first.. I was missing again cuz it was time for more MIL chemo.. and there was issues this go.. AND on their way home from here.. they hit a HUGE deer and totaled their truck.. so that didn't help..

2nd.. Hubby is still out of town.. he should be home this sat.. THANK GOD!  not only is he greatly missed.. but its just almost been too much for me to handle this go.. mainly cuz im in so much pain (stupid spine)

3rd.. Its HALLOWEEN time dontcha know?  with all that is going on.. my most fav holiday is almost here and im not ready! I did manage to get the boys goodies bags for class done.

4th.. the boys costumes.. OY.. Im almost done with those.. still need to make cape/cloak things.. (they are going as Sam Wise and Froto Baggins)

5th.. I always do a photo session this time of year.. and hope I get some cute pics for xmas.. well this year I got TONS of cute ones..  If you wanna see.. head over to my flikr photostream and check them out

6th..lol  I started this darn haunted house forever ago.. and life didnt allow me to do this project I saw in a magazine.. well ... mine is so not what theirs was.. but Im diggin it.. Im prolly have done.. I still need to finish all the stuff.. then add lights and all that

 house 10-28

7th.. nothing new in the store.. YET.. I have several things I just need to finish up on a few things and then we are good to go!

8th.. my pal LORI did some layouts using my LOVE MY DOG KIT!!

check them out!!

didnt she do a great job?!?!?!?!


I know there is a ton more.. but its almost midnight and im fading fast!  more later..

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's doodles

This was suppose to be a cartoon hand.. I got the big finger OK but the other fingers are HARD!  lol

I opted out of drawing the mouse sleeping cuz he ate all the cheese.. just looked harder then I thought I had the gumption for today.

Now I've already been asked is this a EGG? or a ROCK in a puddle..its a EGGGGGGG~

These little things were harder then they looked.. in the book their are only like 6 lines.. and poof KILLER WHALES!  well after about 150 lines, mine still looked like some deformed sperm...lol

Today's Fav.. it looks sooo cool in real life.. but its alot lighter.. had to darken it up a smidge.. the boys like this one too.. I've never in my life been able to do these kind of angles.. so to me.. this was a good one!

don't forget to head on over to the DSO BLOG and grab another day of goodies..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I DID IT!! I drew something!!

so .. dunno if any of you know or not.. but I cant draw to save my life..
I can copy almost anything.. but to draw.. FOUUUURRRRGETTA BOUT IT!
well today I was just not feel spiffy.. and thought I would just sit and be.. well beside me was one of the kids drawing books.. they have a ton of them.. well one thing led to another.. and I spent the afternoon just sitting and doodling.. was totally fun.. hubby even decided to draw one of the things..  these are done as "lessons"  I call them draw alot and erase even more.. but oh well!   anyway.. these are my first real life drawings..lol  I'm sure as a kid I drew things.. but not like this.. yall are the only people I know.. so I'm telling you..lol

And here is the one Cody did!  He of course can draw all the time.. and is FANTASTIC about it.. But its one of those things he cant (wont?) do if asked.. its got to be when he is in that zone.. WHAAAATEVVVA!

OH OH OH  I almost forgot.. the girls at DSO are having 31 days of downloading treats!!  ALL FREE!  ALL MONTH!!  Just head on over to DSO's BLOG to get the goodies!  Dont forget to show some love.. this was not a "required" thing.. this was just something we all wanted to do for you all!!