Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What kinda FREEBIES do you all want?

I want to start rewarding the great people that stop by.. so chime in.. if and when I start offering more freebies.. what do ou want them to be? commercial use ? personal use? tagger sized things? full sized things? quickpages? elements? what??
I dont wanna give just what I want.. I wanna give you what you want.. so leave me some comments ladies!


Ummaro said...

Well...you already know I love your quickpages, lol... but my dear, ANYTHING you give us is alright by me! It's ALL good.

Anonymous said...

I would love your tagger size kits.
But anything is good

crzymom said...

Anything Mindi! I'll take anything that you make! lol Love your stuff sweetie.

Crabcakes - a former Google Answers Researcher said...

Anything! Beggars can't be choosers! But, since you asked... Full sized elements! I'd love to see some computer themed elements, hard drives, mice, keyboards, laptops, USB pen drives, external hard drives, cables, SD cards. Also, grandmother stuff, but younger grandmas, 50 somethings, not old grey haired little old ladies crocheting. Grandmothers taking grandchildren to the mall, park, reading to them, cooking with them, and using the laptop! Thank you for asking!

Amy said...

Hi Mindi!
It's me, Amy!
Do you have a specific place on your blog for blogger layouts?
And....I of course love your creations but I also like the idea of "younger grandma" things ~ that's me!
I enjoy reading all your "stories" too....I am hoping for the best for you and the precious little puppy.