Friday, April 08, 2011


I just figured out how to make the little icon that you see next to my bookmarked link and at the top of the address line.. Ive been wondering how to do that for YEARS! I also had to create and figure out Photobucket.. Ive always used Flickr but I see its no longer nice and friendly and it no longer lets you actually USE them.. so off I went in search of something new.. I'm pretty sure I have just used up any if not ALL my brain cells (I no longer have many left.. stupid meds) but wanted to share my achievement with yall.. no one else to tell! lol

Friday, April 01, 2011

How about some SALES!?!?!?

Its been 4-evvva since I had anything new in the store.. handful of reason.. but the main one was becuz I couldnt figure out my program.. Well with DaWenchies help.. bada bing bada bang.. I was able to come up with 2 bits for this collab.. SWEEEET! and once I feel better (had some new spinal injections that just didnt settle well with me this go) I will be making some more goodies!! Hopefully even trying some new styles from my norm.. but until then................The designers at Kristine’s Place have been busy collaborating. One common swatch. Different design styles. Multiple product choices. Have a peek!

Nineteen products! Build your own customized mega-kit! To make the deal sweeter, each product is on sale for just $1.00, for this weekend only!! What are you waiting for? Swing by the store and lets Build Your Inspiration! ;-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gave me a chuckle

Get to know me.. Which I dont like to share

Hows that! I don't like to share with you guys.. actually I don't like talking about me at all.. and then sometimes I wonder WTH is up.. its like people don't have a clue about me.. DUH! Ive taught every single person how to treat me and to react to me.. anywho.. thought I would do a little .. "things you prolly didn't know about me"

  • I really hate that my children desire to wake at 5am cuz I cant ever seem to go to bed before 3am. EVEN WITH MEDS!
  • I take handfuls of meds ever 4 hours just to get thru the day
  • I can fill the dishwasher with dirty dishes but I cant take the clean ones out. its a textile thing.. I cant stand the feel of them directly out of the washer.
  • I don't mind doing laundry.. I simply cant / don't put them away. While the in-laws are not here, the spare bedroom is referred to as the big closet. its doorway is directly behind the dry door, so it goes from the dry to the guest bed.. where it lives until either the in-laws come back or the household has used all the clean clothes.
  • until AFTER I was married to Cody, I was a cowgirl. Complete with living on a ranch, driving a 4x4 and having boots on 24/7.
  • I haven't talked to my mother for 10 years. Even tho Ive had a volatile relationship with her since birth, and I despise everything she is /was/will be, I miss having a mother. I debate TO MYSELF daily if I should bite the bullet and make contact with her. then I snap outta it and go on with life. I do mail her a Xmas card filled with pictures of the boys every year. I just can NOT have her in my kids life.. so it is what it is.
  • My brother and I can go years without speaking and its OK with both of us. when they moved out of my house.. they moved less then a block away from me. we only spoke when there was a need to.. there just wasn't any showing up JUST CUZ and chatting or hanging out..
  • Growing up I lived with my aunt and uncle more then I did my own home. They owned the only water(bottled and other-ed) store in town. From a young age I worked at said shop, up until the day I moved to ABQ. I had mean lifting, cleaning, hauling, loading and so forth, 5 gallon bottles of water and 50lb bags of salt (for softeners we also sold)
  • I hate using punctuation, its not cuz im lazy. Its what happens when you cheat thru that section of school where you LEARN how to use it correctly. I didnt and dont retain the laws of punctuation so I just dont. and when I do.. its normally wrong.. but its me
  • at almost 40 year old.. I still have the same amount of acne I did as a teenager. Cody still has a nice supply.. OUR POOR KIDS! lol
  • I hate body hair. not on other people.. but on myself. I was born looking like a baby orangutang and still do.. I cant help but pull hair daily.. but even at this rate.. I will never run out of body hair.. so I guess its a more successful "hobby" I have!
  • I'm infamous for getting into a hobby, buy every single item I MIGHT need in a lifetime of doing said craft, doing it once, and never doing it again.
  • I rarely to never keep anything I make.. I have the recent bookshelf I made and 1 wall art that I cant seem to figure it out or figure it out enough to convince someone else to buy it from me..
  • I have a addiction to clearance stickers.. even if its on a product Ive never bought, don't know what it is, cant use or wont ever use, I feel the need to buy it cuz its marked down
  • I cant buy ONE of anything. I have a OCD deal I guess, for some types of things in the world I must buy even numbers and other things I must buy odd numbers.. but never just one.
  • I have no clue where any of this is going or why I had a need to say any of it.. but I did.. so there.. (no one reads my blog anymore anyway.. so i'm going to use it as a journal I guess.. Its easier for me to type then hold a pen anymore.. my hands simply just don't work and I cant grip ANYTHING

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thinkin my life WOULD be better if bloggin was in it!

OMG I think I wrote all this while asleep.. I cant even understand it.. SORRY!
Im going to try this again.. im sooo embarrassed!

When you see new stuff from digital designers.. What are you looking for?
  1. Do you just want the scrap stuff (like are you looking for just buttons? flowers? or complete kits that all match?
  2. Do you want hybrid stuff?
  3. Do you want CU stuff?
  4. Do you want things you can use both for digital scrapping and real scrapping/projects?
  5. Want kits to print and make projects?
  6. Do you just impulse buy cuz you like the colors or elements?
  7. Do you just look at the digital stuff then go to your stash and make due with what you already have at home?
  8. Do you look for digital items that go with your traditional stuff (do some of your layout with digital stuff, then print it and add tradition stuff to the printed sheet?
  9. Are there things you want and just cant ever seem to find from digital / hybrid stores?

FILL ME IN~ Its been so long since Ive been in the digital loop and actually was able to talk to customers.. so you the customers.. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT and I will do my best to not only figure this out, but to give you items you can use!

HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOTS! Im hella tough and can take almost anything you wanna toss on my plate for me to make it more fun and easier on you!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

*LOST* trying to find myself in this odd world

My deepest desire is to become known.. for what I'm not sure.. but I want to be a success at something.. ANYTHING.. and I want to be good at SOMETHING, that people will want said something from me.. (get outta the gutter if you slipped a bit.. ) I want to be a successful photographer, digital designer, furniture maker/remodeler...or SOMETHING else.. Im really not picky.. I will take anything.
I would loooooove to be the next person to accidentally make the world better by creating THE THING..

how do I do this???? Ive got to be missing the connect gene or something.. I know I can do almost anything I set my mind to.. but to connect my desire for greatness and my ability to carry out the plan.. its like I no longer have the right kinda plug/adapter. I keep thinkin if I surround my stuff with EVERYTHING I think could be THE THING that makes it happen.. then it will.. so far all that has done is make very little room to live in the house.. and no where to park the cars in the garage.. I'm really starting to feel like I need to be plastered on the EPIC FAIL site..
I blog hop and hop and hop.. and see a billion things I too can do.. some just as good.. some better and a lot HA! I wish.. and I wonder.. how did they get over this bump in the road and just go for it and be wonderful? is it my fear of not doing it perfect that keeps me from ever trying? my fear of copying to close to the thing I'm copying? my fear of failure ? my fear of no one liking the things I make or do? the fear of SUCCEEDING?
Ive even lost all my blog peeps cuz Ive just fallin into deep, heavy, sticky, keep you down and out funk.