Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fried Computer!!

so for New years I got the gift of Friedum Hood.. My computer is no more.. so I will be gone until Cody and the computer Gods work out a deal to let me play again.. I lost everything.. and all the good stuff like my address book.. so if you dont hear from me before the next New Year.. ya know they decided against me..lolSee ya soon I hope! (Mindi - posting from the group page.. cuz I no longer have email..)

also... There are a ton of you that I can not reach.. cuz of course.. I no longer have email.. or my address book.. so if you need me.. your gonna have to leave me a comment here or something.. or go back to snail mail!
I hope im not gone too long.. Im already freaking out.. withdrawls and all! lol


Kristine said...

Oh nooooooo!!!!

Dont ya HATE when that happens?
Hope Cody gets things fixed up ASAP...I miss ya!!

youreit AT gmail DOT com

papersunshine said...

I am so sorry! There is nothing (well almost nothing) worse than that! However it can be a blessing in disguise as you have to force yourself to find some other things to do :) Which in my case would be good- but for you, maybe you can get some rest or downtime!!!! Anyway I hope it isn't too long!

DART said...

What a way to start yer new year. That just sucks. I'd follow Lori's lead and get some rest (or whatever you force yourself to do---bubble bath and book? lol) until you are back up and running again. Hope for your sake, and ours, it isn't too long! I feel yer pain...

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