Sunday, August 27, 2006

What happens when you eat outside

So it starts off like a normal afternoon..
Father and son eating watermelon in the back yard

several months and a month worth of constant rain
and this is what you get

The boys are very proud and built the "Patch" a fence!

This one is the size of a large apple

Friday, August 04, 2006


I did this ATC for the DigiChick friendship day challenge.. Ive never done one before.. It was interesting anyway.. My card is as boring as oh well!

The boys will be going to grammas tomorrow.. for a week or so.. Hubby and I will have to return right away because I have to start back to school Tuesday.. The teacher I will be working with hasnt contacted me, so I dont know what we will be doing. She more then likely already has her classroom done.. shes kinda on the ball like that! SCAREY! Shes so gonna be sorry Im in there with her! cuz Im so NOT on the ball! Im sure it will be fine.. I just need to get started... and stop fretting about it..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


if you download my kits.. please read this!!
I knew I should have included my info on WHY my items are the size they are..
all my items can be ENLARGED to be used on things as large as 12x12 layouts! trust me!
I do my pages 12x12 and print them.. and they are fine, clear and not funky!
I do not ever send FULL SHEETS OF PAPER.. anything I have in my kit that looks like a paper.. is paper.. but you must have your image the size you want.. example.. 12x12.. then FILL the image with my square. then POOF you have a full sheet of paper with my dezign.. I make them all seemless so that when you fill something.. requardless of size.. it will fill and things will be fine! same with my ribbons and things.. ENLARGE THEM.. they work FINE!
One of my reasons for creating things a "medium" size is. I dont ONLY create for scrapbookers. I also do things for stat/tag creators (which I do also) and anyone else who uses them.. Personally I dont like when I get a kit.. and there is a 3600x3600 "paper" that is basically a big red square.. the size is huge and its useless.. you dont NEED that.. make a small one and FILL a size.. that keeps the kits small.. and the stuff useable to ALL.. not just digi scrappers.. If I were to make "distressed" paper.. with grunge and all that effect.. I would HAVE to make the paper full size.. but I dont make that kinda paper.. I hope that helps anyone who got my kits and said.. these are tiny.. and I cant use them.. YOU CAN USE THEM AND THEY ARE FINE!!!! hehehe..
just ENLARGE!!!!!!! all mine to date have printed fine.. with no distortion..
THANK YOU for the lady who took the time to write to me.. as if there is one person who feels this way.. there was surely a few more. I just wanted to make sure you all knew.. all these work with 12x12 pages!