Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Selling again! Some New prodeucts! and where is Calgon??

First off.. HOLLAR!!! Im a digi seller again..
Little Miss Wench herself has taken me in..
so now Im selling at WENCHDGRAfIX.COM
and here is my NEW STORE!!
Many of you will notice that Ive put my last freebie up in the store..
PLUS a ADD-ON kit to go with it.. Ive also got its sister kit on sale.. RAGE!
Look at this great layout CRZYMOM did with the DETOX KIT!! how cool is that? I KNOW RIGHT?! Thanks suga suga.. no one ever shows me the stuff the do with my kits.. you just dont know how amzing it makes me feel to SEEEEEE some things!!!!
Here is the ADD ON KIT..
trust me.. its cool and matchees great!!

Here is the RAGE kit! I love it.. I love REDS.. its alittle bit punk and a little bit grunge.. reminds me of that song.. shes alittle bit country and hes alittle bit rock and roll.. BUt.. its also got a elegant / tender feel to it.. so dont think you cant grab it cuz you dont do grunge!!!
All 3 of them are on sale for 35% off for one week.. DUDES! that makes the add-on kit .. like 80ish cents.. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG??!
now.. CALGON.. where the beep are you???? Do you not know when I call.. you need to drop everything and HELP ME?? shheeesh.. I thought I trained you better than that!
I swear everyone in my house is having a melt down.. and OF COURSE.. its all my fault..lol Im not sure how I got so good as to ruin 5 peoples lives at once.. but WOWIE Im GOOD! lolol Im sending them all to bed as I type.. then Im going to mend some pants for Logan (so he doesnt have to go to school tomorrow in his undies) then im going to bed.. SO DONT COME OVER !! ok?! lol


Kristine said...

OMG you are killing me here woman and it's only 6:30 in the morning and I have had 2 sips of coffee....ya wouldnt send your kid in his undies....or would ya?! WAHAHAHHA!!!

crzymom said...

Glad you like the layout!! I'm heading to your store now to bookmark it and pick up the new stuff. How can your life be so crazy? You only have 2 kids. lol I can send my 3 youngest over to you too. Nah... I'll keep them. (((hugs)))