Saturday, September 20, 2008

Filling you in on my so called life

I've been getting trickles of emails wondering what's what.. so I guess its time to fill yall in.. so ya know I'm not being rude and ignoring you so yall remember when I went on vacation.. we went with my inlaws.. when we got back.. hubby was seriously ill and in and out of the hospital..when he got well.. his mother got severally ill.. she kept going to her local ER.. they kept saying things like. its..... here is some prilosec well she was in so much pain.. and her abdomen was so swollen and filled with fluid.. I drove down there and brought her here..took her to the ER the next day.. and she was in the hospital here for a month..she was riddled with cancer.. and if we hadn't removed it when we did.. she would have been dead by Xmas.. if not sooner..she had several operations in that month here.. and since they don't live here.. and hubby works and goes to school.. it was me who was her primary to speak.. they removed everything they could in her abdomen.. she still has cancer all over.. but they are pretty sure the chemo will keep it at bay..since she lives so far away.. my FIL is having to drive back and forth every week.. he still works full time and has no more vacation time left.. she starts chemo Monday.. in the past month and a half.. she has been at her own house 4 days.. the rest with me.. we will be selling our house.. they will be selling theirs.. and we will be having a house built so that we will be all together..she is also almost blind due to macular degeneration.. so things are having to be done fairly quick.. we already have the land and house picked.. and have all the down payments.. anywho.. just wanted to let yall know.. I'm not ignoring you.. life at the moment is just more important then my email.. I'm also in poor health..  having some heart issues.. and major back issues.. I'm on a lot of pain killers.. which I might add.. are not working.. they are however giving me severe migraines all the time.. (I just cant get ahead!) so depending on life.. you may or may not hear from me on here.. Im trying to keep up.. but its getting harder and harder.. and now that Chemo is fixing to start.. Im just unsure.. I need my MIL to have a fighting, strong way about her.. and she is just not going to do it.. so I have to be the one to do it enough for her too.. cuz shes just not a positive person.. and its starting to really show.. and starting to chop me down!  I start PT for my back in 2 weeks.. hopefully that will help.. I dont think it will but it might!!