Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so the puppy.. if you have ready any posts this week.. you know one found us.. we fell in love with her.. found the reward poster.. called.. and she lived across the street.. I refused the reward.. happy story!  well Im surfing thru craigslist.. like I always do.. cuz their is just some funny stuff there.. and I run across this listing for a 6 week old HUSKY mix puppy $50 .. so I look.. and this is the picture I see.
puppy now tell me this is not the same damn puppy?  I took a ton of pictures.. and I know for a fact this is her.. down to the white tip on her tail.. if I had known they just wanted to turn around and sell her I would have kept her.. the location of town is not my area.. so im confused how this little baby is now on the other side of town.  I emailed the person saying I was very confused.. and sent a picture.. im sure I will never find out.. (well at least until the neighbors come home then im going to ask)  GRRRR.. just ruined my entire day!

~~~~~edited~~~~~ just a few mins since I emailed them about the dog.. and what do you know.. no reply to me.. but the ad is gone.. so now I know its the same dog.. FUMING I am.. 1…2….3….4….

~~~EDITED AGAIN~~~OOO MMM GGG.. sorry to keep posting.. but hubby is alseep.. and I have no one to rant  so the posting went missing right.. well then they posted in another section.. and I started getting replies to my post I made saying I knew it was the same dog.. and I was confused how it was free to them on sunday.. monday they lost if.. and offered a reward for its return.. I returned it.. declined the reward.. and wed its for sale.. Its a mutt.. not pure anything.. has never had any shots or anything.. and the ad is asking 50 bucks.. and that I would like her back if possible.. so many kind people emailng me left and right.. now they are posting here.. and there.. and some even replying to her add trying to get her for me.. well now shes asking for 50 PLUS a $70 re homing fee.. WHAT!?!?! and shes blocking everyone that has been trying to help me get the puppy back.. omg I hope and pray that this is not my neighbor and this is some nasty lady that stole her.. cuz I dunno if I can look at my neighbor now.. omg she has been so nasty to the people emailing.. and they have not mentioned me at all.. simply.. I want her.. and offering to PAY HER..   Im a mess.. Ive got to get away from the puter before I go nuts!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

365 pictures and a NEW CU item in the store

I keep forgetting to do these.. maybe by the end of the year I will be in the habit!
I took this one while out in the middle  of the night on one of my many times outside to take the dogs potty!

The boys never did get a chance to make cookies for the holidays, so I decided to just let them have at it.. any way they wanted.. they made 2 batches .. very colorful!

My MIL would KILL me if she found out I took a picture of her while she was sleeping.. or at all for that matter.. she made us all promise(well she tried.. I told her I wouldnt promise.. cuz I couldnt swear I wouldnt sneak a pic in when I could) that while suffering the effect of cancer we would not take any pictures.. OOPS!
And of course the little girl who spent the day with me yesterday!  Only to discover she lived across the street!
I also have added this CU item for sale yesterday.. AND they are on sale for 35% off for a week!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mystery solved

mystery solved.. went out just now to take everyone pee.. and saw the poster on the lightpole.. (since we live on the corner.. thats the centeral posting spot)
the house right across the street is where she came
thats the first place I thought of too.. they had reward on the poster.. but I said NAAAA.. was my pleasure playing with her all day..
shes a red heeler.. I KNEW IT! we have blue heelers.. I swear they are the smartest dogs
they had just got her last night.. so she is back home with her 3 year old little boy
both my boys are crying.. poor things.. but I knew she would have a owner.. gut feeling..

missing? or found?

well so much for all that I
MIL didnt have a good night or morning.. so I didnt go on the field trip..
as the inlaws were leaving to go see the dr... I was in the kitchen making stew.. and my FIL comes back in and yells.. you have company.. I said who.. and this is what he had in his handsmissShe was at my front door.. 30 mins earlier she wasnt there.. cuz I took the boys to school.. so im walking them to the car.. carrying the puppy.. my dogs are out doing their morning tinnkle.. and the dog pound is driving by.. which is odd for sure.. you can call them.. and it takes 3 days for them to show up.. so I quick like got my dogs in the house.. just to make sure.. and watched him.. he was going to the new neighbors house.. so there I stood.. going.. do I turn her in .. or take her in.. well of course.. in she came.. I will take her out every so often during the day for a walk around.. to see if anyone is out looking for her.. Im sure someone put her in the back yard and went to work this morning..
I took her in to hubby.. who was just turning his light off to go to sleep.. and he said.. WHATS THAT (he has already made it law.. no more dogs until all our animals are gone- the dogs are 16 and the cat is 18..and he just doesnt want their last times here being pestered and bothered.. he wants them to know they were the ones and only ..uh.. ok.. and trust me ive tried to get a kitty.. NOPE..) I told him how it all happened.. hes glaring at me.. phone rings.. I put her on the bed.. and ran to get the phone.. I come back in and he is just baby talking her.. and loving her.. and our dogs and cat are just loving on her.. I had to giggle.. he kept saying.. ohhhh. .someone is going to be missing this pretty baby.. and all that.. like I need a puppy right now..lololol but if no one comes looking and I cant find a owner.. im sure she will stay.. but now is not a good time.. so im on the fence.. 50/50 in hopes of finding her home.. and keeping


Ive been having computer issues .. this time with email.. I swear its always something… seems there was a virus/update spyware something pain in the but that reset all my settings in my email.. so I couldnt send.. THE NERVE.. course I couldnt figure this out.. so I spent days without being able to do much.. which totally ate my mojo.. well.. it wasnt the only mojo eater.. but it was the one that ultimately ate the last drop!  Hubby finally figured it out so I can send again.. course now I dont have anything really to send.. cuz I wasnt able to create.. (MIL is here and not doing well..)  was just a crappy week.. glad its over.. maybe this week will be better…
I will be missing all the dr stuff tomorrow.. as I just needed to not be there and do that.. so to speak.. so Im going on a field trip with Josh.. to the planetarium.  Ive never been to this one.. cody always does this trip.. but hes got to work this time.  I think I could use the break.. of being in a confined space with 200 kids.. Im actually think this is going to be so 
So many of you asked about the new program.. well.. its a newer version.. sorry ladies.. just psp12… I already have all the photoshop ones.. and cant seem to figure them out.. so ive not reinstalled all those yet.. maybe one day.. I mean I did pay for them.. but dag gum.. im not much better off with psp12.. ive used 9 for years.. 12 does have some new buttons.. so that is coooool.. I bet I wear them out before long!  lol  I hope to get SOMETHING made for you and everyone in the next few days.. MIL will more then likely be going home tomorrow since shes too ill and stuff for chemo.. at least at this point.. but we will see.. FIL arrived tonight .. so we will see

Thanks 5 readers for your comments and faithful-ness to me!  lol.. means alot.. specially when I really just need someone to say something nice to me…lol  (doesnt happen much when its MIL time)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New CU items up for sale !! 35% off for a week!





I also have these new quickpage sets up for sale too..


And they are 35% off too for one week!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What kinda FREEBIES do you all want?

I want to start rewarding the great people that stop by.. so chime in.. if and when I start offering more freebies.. what do ou want them to be? commercial use ? personal use? tagger sized things? full sized things? quickpages? elements? what??
I dont wanna give just what I want.. I wanna give you what you want.. so leave me some comments ladies!

Selling again! Some New prodeucts! and where is Calgon??

First off.. HOLLAR!!! Im a digi seller again..
Little Miss Wench herself has taken me in..
so now Im selling at WENCHDGRAfIX.COM
and here is my NEW STORE!!
Many of you will notice that Ive put my last freebie up in the store..
PLUS a ADD-ON kit to go with it.. Ive also got its sister kit on sale.. RAGE!
Look at this great layout CRZYMOM did with the DETOX KIT!! how cool is that? I KNOW RIGHT?! Thanks suga suga.. no one ever shows me the stuff the do with my kits.. you just dont know how amzing it makes me feel to SEEEEEE some things!!!!
Here is the ADD ON KIT..
trust me.. its cool and matchees great!!

Here is the RAGE kit! I love it.. I love REDS.. its alittle bit punk and a little bit grunge.. reminds me of that song.. shes alittle bit country and hes alittle bit rock and roll.. BUt.. its also got a elegant / tender feel to it.. so dont think you cant grab it cuz you dont do grunge!!!
All 3 of them are on sale for 35% off for one week.. DUDES! that makes the add-on kit .. like 80ish cents.. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG??!
now.. CALGON.. where the beep are you???? Do you not know when I call.. you need to drop everything and HELP ME?? shheeesh.. I thought I trained you better than that!
I swear everyone in my house is having a melt down.. and OF COURSE.. its all my Im not sure how I got so good as to ruin 5 peoples lives at once.. but WOWIE Im GOOD! lolol Im sending them all to bed as I type.. then Im going to mend some pants for Logan (so he doesnt have to go to school tomorrow in his undies) then im going to bed.. SO DONT COME OVER !! ok?! lol

Monday, January 19, 2009


Thanks so much for all the kind words on my latest kit.. was great seeing that my new found buttons of neatness(meaning I got a new graphics program.. and its got lots of new stuff!!) is indeed a hit.. and ITS FUN to boot.. thats a change for sure.. normally kits are zero fun for me.. but its like learning all over again.. and Im totally having fun!!
Kendra made this so cute tag using the kit.. its it darling??? I love seeing what is done with my stuff.. just wish more would show me..
Hopefully there will be more things you like.. available for you all soon.. MIL is here for some stuff and more chemo.. and ive had some surgeries.. and so lots of drs.. and lots of stuff going on for now.. so hang in there.. there will be more goodies soon.. FINGERS CROSSED!

Friday, January 16, 2009

PROJECT 365 - Late but still going to do it!

Life didn't allow for such fun at the beginning of the year.. so I'm starting late.. but going to do this..
Whats for Dinner
Chicken and Veggies over Alfredo Noodles

Monday, January 12, 2009

DETOX freebie..

You asked for it.. so Here you go.. its not a large kit.. but its got SMACK YA
As always.. Id love to hear some love.. AND see what you do with it.. (why dont you all show what you do with all these freebies? its the least ya could do!!!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Layout with my latest kit

I actually made the new kit with this picture in mind. anywho.. just thought id show

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog playing

Ive been itching to create SOMETHING.. of course that was imossible with no computer. well hubby got me up and running, and as a awww here you go.. he upgraded me to PSPX2. OY Im not one that likes change! lol specially when its my graphic stuff..Ive been using PSP9 for years.. Im not sure I will ever figure out all the new stuff.. but I am diggin the new buttons they have on this version. I decided to use my latest kit to decorate my blog. Its different.. not sure I like it or not. we will see. (I think its kinda hard to read, but then again, I think my blog has been hard to read for ages. so no big deal I guess)
My computer is still not anywhere near 100% back up and going.. I have to figure out where to pull 150 bucks from so I can get parts. I keep waiting for hubby to go.. HERE YOU GO.. some money I hid from you.. but Ill be darned if he keeps going.. well this along with the rest of us. Ya know .. Im not even sure who im talking to on this silly specially now that im no longer selling and giving freebies away all the time.. I know I got at least 4 HI LADIES!!! Well guess I will go finish watching Star Wars with the boys.. yippy.. only the millionth time to watch it! Maybe I will box up and offer you all the new kit.. dunno what else I will do with TILL LATER!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fried Computer!!

so for New years I got the gift of Friedum Hood.. My computer is no more.. so I will be gone until Cody and the computer Gods work out a deal to let me play again.. I lost everything.. and all the good stuff like my address book.. so if you dont hear from me before the next New Year.. ya know they decided against me..lolSee ya soon I hope! (Mindi - posting from the group page.. cuz I no longer have email..)

also... There are a ton of you that I can not reach.. cuz of course.. I no longer have email.. or my address book.. so if you need me.. your gonna have to leave me a comment here or something.. or go back to snail mail!
I hope im not gone too long.. Im already freaking out.. withdrawls and all! lol