Tuesday, January 27, 2009

365 pictures and a NEW CU item in the store

I keep forgetting to do these.. maybe by the end of the year I will be in the habit!
I took this one while out in the middle  of the night on one of my many times outside to take the dogs potty!

The boys never did get a chance to make cookies for the holidays, so I decided to just let them have at it.. any way they wanted.. they made 2 batches .. very colorful!

My MIL would KILL me if she found out I took a picture of her while she was sleeping.. or at all for that matter.. she made us all promise(well she tried.. I told her I wouldnt promise.. cuz I couldnt swear I wouldnt sneak a pic in when I could) that while suffering the effect of cancer we would not take any pictures.. OOPS!
And of course the little girl who spent the day with me yesterday!  Only to discover she lived across the street!
I also have added this CU item for sale yesterday.. AND they are on sale for 35% off for a week!

1 comment:

DART said...

yay for remembering challenge...

run, for when MIL sees you didn't listen to her!

Cookies are definitely works of art...well done boys!

Glad you found the owner nearby...at least this way you can visit often!