Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

HAPPY 16th Wedding Anniv. THE BOOK!

So today is my 16th wedding anniversary.  We had no plans..  been there done that.. ya know?
well I of course.. couldn't sleep past 5am.. why you ask?  cuz today I was going to be allowed to sleep in!
HA! so as I'm laying there trying my best to fall asleep.. I get this Idea.. COFFEE TABLE!!
Up I go.. Dressed I am!  in the garage like a woman on a mission!
Its so early the dogs didn't even wanna come with me..
Now to build me a table.. if only I could find the darn tools!
I have a ton of empty cases.. where lovely tools USE to live!
after about a hour or so.. Logan comes out(in undies of course!) thinkin he was going to kill some stranger that was taking his stuff!
sees its only me .. yells HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! and off he goes..
comes back in a bit dressed and ready to build..
I've now found tons of stuff I thought we had lost.. and even some tools.. so I'm thinkin.. OK! LETS START
I even have the air compressor locked and loaded!
course now Logan and I are standing there going NOW WHAT!
I only had the vision of the top of the table.. ya know.. no legs or structure..
we cant find the nail gun.. Logan of course goes.. DING! DADDY! off he goes.. comes back and says.. daddy doesn't know where it is..
um ok.. thanks! (daddy is still in bed of course!)  PRESTO! find the gun.. but no nails.. off he goes again.. back in he comes..
daddy doesn't know EXACTLY where they are but he will be right here.. umm OK!
and yeppers here he walks in.. all smiles.. gives me a morning kiss .. tells me happy 16th.. I see the nails! 
dontcha love when help arrives only to see what it is you were looking for the min they arrive!
the door fly's open.. there is Josh in all his glory.. madder then all get out.. screaming to SHUT UP!! SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!..
we all laugh.. and promptly notify him that it is now10am.. (I actually didn't get out of bed till 730.. not 5am~)
with a few pointers I'm off and away.. building my table..
get the rough of it done.. by now its 1:30.. and hotter then helllllllllo!
I come in.. and say.. ya know the only way I'm going to get cool is to go to the movies..
OK.. up we jump.. slimy and all.. and head to see KUNG FO PANDA!
ahhhh.. its freezing in there.. and its great!  alittle bit into the movie.. ut oh.. tummy..
off I run.. there I sit.. back to the show I go.. few mins later.. off I run.. there I sit..
back to the show. few mins later.. off I run...there I sit.. back to the show..
see the last few mins.. and its time to go..lol GEE THANKS!
Home we come.. and I just cant let the table sit.. I have another idea!
of I go.. cept.. I have no clue how to do what it is I'm thinking..
back out Cody comes.. we get that stuff done.. back in the house him and the boys go..
I decide to play some more.. do some sanding.. and make some coasters for my new table..
now its 9:30pm.. and I'm dirty.. stinky.. hungry.. TIRED.. and hurting..lol now that is a great wedding anniversary!
I think I spent about 2.5 hours in TOTAL with Cody all day! lol
anywho.. here are some pics.. now no pointing at things..
its only put together.. and only the top sanded. what I'm going to do from here.. NO CLUE!

close up of the table top


Thursday, June 12, 2008


OASE thought I needed some taggin..
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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1. My tagger was OASE of PANDA BEAR DESIGNS
(which is kinda neat.. as I've been known as AMANDA PANDA all my life)
2. Seven facts about me, this should be interesting.
     1.  I once painted my entire kitchen with huge cow spots
     2.  I'm 10 years older then my only sibling
     3.  I've never met my father
     4.  Before my boys were born I collected Noah's Ark stuff
     5.  I was going to name my first boy NOAH
     6.  I wanted to be a vet when growing up
     7.  I'm terrified of FROGS
3. Now I have to tag seven people. I am going to tag :
I choose ALL THE DSO GIRLS (links are to the right!)