Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog playing

Ive been itching to create SOMETHING.. of course that was imossible with no computer. well hubby got me up and running, and as a awww here you go.. he upgraded me to PSPX2. OY Im not one that likes change! lol specially when its my graphic stuff..Ive been using PSP9 for years.. Im not sure I will ever figure out all the new stuff.. but I am diggin the new buttons they have on this version. I decided to use my latest kit to decorate my blog. Its different.. not sure I like it or not. we will see. (I think its kinda hard to read, but then again, I think my blog has been hard to read for ages. so no big deal I guess)
My computer is still not anywhere near 100% back up and going.. I have to figure out where to pull 150 bucks from so I can get parts. I keep waiting for hubby to go.. HERE YOU GO.. some money I hid from you.. but Ill be darned if he keeps going.. well this along with the rest of us. Ya know .. Im not even sure who im talking to on this silly specially now that im no longer selling and giving freebies away all the time.. I know I got at least 4 HI LADIES!!! Well guess I will go finish watching Star Wars with the boys.. yippy.. only the millionth time to watch it! Maybe I will box up and offer you all the new kit.. dunno what else I will do with TILL LATER!


DART said...

Beautiful work as always,
but a little tough to read!
(but you already knew that)

.: Kristine :. said...

Hey there Mindi!!! Love the new blog look but I agree it is a little hard on my old eye balls. LOL Sorry!

Glad you got your computer sorta up and running...its better than no computer at all!

Just so ya know that I am one of your readers...I have ya subscribed on my Google reader....:P

Here's to a great weekend my friend!! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

I love your page and also the new freebie Detox. Gorgeous. Thanks so much. As far as your pc, good luck. I've tried other versions of psp but will stick with 9. Seems a bit more user friendly.