Saturday, May 30, 2009

swine flu? and some project 365 pictures

Well.. this Tue will be SEVEN WEEKS that I have been sick.. and I'm not talking a little cold.. I'm talking SICK IN BED.  They tested me at the begin of all this for the swine flu.. I guess I didn't have it.. no one ever said I do or I don't.. I've been to Dr after Dr.. no one has a clue what's wrong with me.. I've had a fever for 6 weeks.. and a cough and a sore throat.. I'm so done with this!!  The kids have been great about it all.. I seem to always fall asleep in the recliner.. and when I do.. the boys turn everything off and sneak  making sure I'm all cozy and left alone.. SO SWEET.. They have really grown up.. and turning into amazing little me.. I'm so very proud of them..
I've been slacking on posting the 365 pictures.. every chance I get (normally when I go to the I take my camera and see what I can take a picture of.  I will try and start posting a few when I can.. I need to get back into the swing of things.. and back into designing.. I feel like I've lost my best friend since I've been sick and not able to design.. I'm using a new book frame I did.. hopefully it will be available soon.




Friday, May 15, 2009


Everything but the feather dusters on the helmets, and foam wolf faces on the shields are made out of cardboard boxes and hot glue!! (well I painted them but everything else is cardboard!!)







Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So I've been sick for over 3 weeks.. was tested for the piggie flu.. I guess I don't have it.. no one called to tell me.. I said I would make some costumes for my oldest sons end of the year play.. well due to being sick for 3 weeks.. IM BEHIND!!!  I did get the mummy outfit done and sent.. I also had to make 2 Roman soldiers.. the play is next TUE.. had I not been sick I would have been done.. EEKS.. I still need to make the other kids body armor.. then both their flanged skirt thingies.. and if I have time.. leg armor and arm armor.. this is what I have done after 2 nights till 3am.. the main problem is.. the 2nd kid is HALF the size of Logan.. lol so I cant just make 2 of everything.. I have to make Logan's.. then shrink one..  Lemme tell you.. If I have to battle.. I'm tossing one of these helmets  talk about BUILT TOUGH.. who knew cardboard and hot clue could be stronger then metal!


I forgot to say.. this is all made with cardboard.. except for the inside shield .  Each helmet is made from alittle over half a box ( approx12x12 box)  the parts left over is what im using to make the flange (just finished both sets.. just need to decorate and paint)