Sunday, July 30, 2006


Im sure yall are wondering what is up with the colors huh?
well.. Josh couldnt decide on which suit he wanted to buy.. either a mint green or a pink one after a few days of flip flopping back and forth.. and a vote from gramma.. he decided on PINK!
so that is why these colors. The boys chased this tiny lizard till I thought it was going to have a heart attack! POOR THING!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I saw this layout on The Digi Chick and just fell in love with it and KNEW that I had the perfect picture for it! I hope the lady that I scraplifted this from is honored and not mad!

Friday, July 28, 2006


So Ive been wondering.. at what point do you try and SELL your goodies?
Ive been keeping track of my downloads.. and so far .. to date.. my kits have been downloaded a total of 2665 times.. now if I were to sell these.. lets say.. for $4.99 (im just grabbing a #) that would be $13,298.35 bucks.. now that is for the last ....hmm.. 2 weeks! HECK even if I only got ONE BUCK for each download.. id be jumpin for joy! As a EA for the public schools here. I bring home on average about $250 a week.. SCAREY I KNOW!! selling online is my passion... I was a Ebay junkie before going to work at my boys school.. but even there.. I didnt bring hom 2,000 bucks a week.. so ... now..... HOW do I go about selling? should I sell? at what point does one decide? I feel funny even "talking" here.. no one seems to leave I KNOW YOUR VISITING!! I see my counter going up by leaps and bounds.. but no one says anything! Im so lonely! ok.. that was my thought of the day..

Thursday, July 27, 2006


My son was so cute eating strawberries and cream.. I just HAD to take a picture!


My latest layout.. using my latest kit!
I LOVE the alpha I made.. its so neat!


I just finished this kit.. In hopes that I would be scarpping with it this weekend!
I think hubby is taking the boys to their gramma either this weekend or next weekend. MAYBE then I will get to scrap!!

CLICK ME to download this kit


please dont everyone panic when there is a RAR file! Rars are simply a different version of zip its a windows program.. and its very small.. and if you download win rar.. then it will open your zip and rar files.. it is like the zip upgrade. Dont be scared of it! Just upgrade to win rar today!!!


So, as I said in my previous post.. when I went out side.. it rained.. So after I posted, we decided to go out to eat at Zio's (my favorite place to eat!) get in the car, back out of the garage, INSTANT water fall............ I park... instant stop........ we wait for hubby to get there (he was at work) he arrives.. I get out of the car and take 2 steps.. INSTANT POUR ate dinner came out...he parked in front and we parked WAY in the back.. its not raining.. yippy! right? he gets in the truck.. I waive to logan who went with him.. Josh and I start to the car.. DOWN POUR! lol Im not leaving the house today.. Im not sure what my sign is.. but I obviously need to be wet to see it!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


so I waited all day until I thought.. OK its not going to rain, so its safe to go do errands!
I pull the car out of the garage.. and back up to the mailbox.. DROP DROP... get the mail.. DROP DROP. Drive to the end of the street.. DROP DROP DROP. I get to the post office.. SPRINKLE SPRINKLE.. finish up at the post office.. and its FLOODING and HAILING! NICE HUH?!!
The $$ store is next door to the post office so we decided to hang out there. 12 bucks, 3 umbrellas later.. we need to go.. the AC was NOT working in that little place.. I get the boys all open and ready to go.. get mine all open and off we go to the car.. we get to the car and .. ................................... .............. YEP.. NOTHING! not one single drop! lol
Do you ever think God is trying to tell you.. "HERE'S YER SIGH!" ?


Lynn was such a sweetheart and decided I needed a Alpha to go with my latest kit..
how special is that????????? VERY!!!



Tuesday, July 25, 2006


please dont everyone panic when there is a RAR file!
rars are simply a different version of zip
its a windows program.. and its very small.. and if you download win rar.. then it will open your zip and rar files.. it is like the zip upgrade .

dont be scared of it! just upgrade to win rar today!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006


They boys and I spent the day cleaning up the house.. My brother and his family are here visiting.. They didnt arrive until about 6pm.. and now I get to play Auntie! My brother and his wife went to the movies.. so now Im watching their 2 boys.. TJ (4 I think - 2nd time Ive ever met him) and Donivan(7 months - also 2nd time to ever meet) The baby is sleeping.. well... like a BABY! and TJ.. wellllllllllll.. he has been up, down, and in 3 different sleeping sections so far.. I just put him back to bed for the 9 millionth time.. he had to have some pudding.. (he didnt eat dinner) Josh gave out not long after bed time. I kept hearing TJ yell.. "you alright down there Josh?" Logan is trying his best to just fall asleep.. but TJ is making sure he doesnt have his eyes closed for too long! Hopefully my brother gets home soon! We started this "bedtime" at 9pm. its now 11:25. Im ready for bed!!! lol
They did warn me though.. this was TJ's first sleep over.. so I was ready!


several of you seem to have a problem downloading from Rapid share . Here are 2 more options


password summerfun

Please let me know if these dont work for you either..
maybe tell me WHERE you CAN get things from..


Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ok this is my 2nd day of being a bloggie hoggie and I see that it is going to take more time then I thought!
Im enjoying it though.. so I guess its OK.. Once I figure out how to do all the editing and playing that I see everwhere I will be good to go!

All of my living room furniture is in the kitchen!
My brother and his family are coming sometime in the next few days and we thought we had bettter get at least the living room carpet cleaned (they have a baby)
I cant really clean the rest of the house (ok thats a bold face LIE! lol) but its hard with stuff from all rooms all over the place. I hope to get all the furniture back in place tonight when hubby gets home from work. The boys think they have died and gone to hell.. They cant get to the kitchen!!!! They are use to treking in there about every 5 mins for something!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006