Monday, January 26, 2009


Ive been having computer issues .. this time with email.. I swear its always something… seems there was a virus/update spyware something pain in the but that reset all my settings in my email.. so I couldnt send.. THE NERVE.. course I couldnt figure this out.. so I spent days without being able to do much.. which totally ate my mojo.. well.. it wasnt the only mojo eater.. but it was the one that ultimately ate the last drop!  Hubby finally figured it out so I can send again.. course now I dont have anything really to send.. cuz I wasnt able to create.. (MIL is here and not doing well..)  was just a crappy week.. glad its over.. maybe this week will be better…
I will be missing all the dr stuff tomorrow.. as I just needed to not be there and do that.. so to speak.. so Im going on a field trip with Josh.. to the planetarium.  Ive never been to this one.. cody always does this trip.. but hes got to work this time.  I think I could use the break.. of being in a confined space with 200 kids.. Im actually think this is going to be so 
So many of you asked about the new program.. well.. its a newer version.. sorry ladies.. just psp12… I already have all the photoshop ones.. and cant seem to figure them out.. so ive not reinstalled all those yet.. maybe one day.. I mean I did pay for them.. but dag gum.. im not much better off with psp12.. ive used 9 for years.. 12 does have some new buttons.. so that is coooool.. I bet I wear them out before long!  lol  I hope to get SOMETHING made for you and everyone in the next few days.. MIL will more then likely be going home tomorrow since shes too ill and stuff for chemo.. at least at this point.. but we will see.. FIL arrived tonight .. so we will see

Thanks 5 readers for your comments and faithful-ness to me!  lol.. means alot.. specially when I really just need someone to say something nice to me…lol  (doesnt happen much when its MIL time)

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Kristine said...

Morning Mindi!!

I never tried of these days I'll save up for it. I mainly only use PSP for previews and a few other things...I'm a Photoshop kinda chick...:P
Here's to a better week! I must have a fever 'cuz I got 4 layouts done this weekend alone...I'm lucky if I get 4 a year done. HAHA!