Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ok this is my 2nd day of being a bloggie hoggie and I see that it is going to take more time then I thought!
Im enjoying it though.. so I guess its OK.. Once I figure out how to do all the editing and playing that I see everwhere I will be good to go!

All of my living room furniture is in the kitchen!
My brother and his family are coming sometime in the next few days and we thought we had bettter get at least the living room carpet cleaned (they have a baby)
I cant really clean the rest of the house (ok thats a bold face LIE! lol) but its hard with stuff from all rooms all over the place. I hope to get all the furniture back in place tonight when hubby gets home from work. The boys think they have died and gone to hell.. They cant get to the kitchen!!!! They are use to treking in there about every 5 mins for something!


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