Wednesday, July 26, 2006


so I waited all day until I thought.. OK its not going to rain, so its safe to go do errands!
I pull the car out of the garage.. and back up to the mailbox.. DROP DROP... get the mail.. DROP DROP. Drive to the end of the street.. DROP DROP DROP. I get to the post office.. SPRINKLE SPRINKLE.. finish up at the post office.. and its FLOODING and HAILING! NICE HUH?!!
The $$ store is next door to the post office so we decided to hang out there. 12 bucks, 3 umbrellas later.. we need to go.. the AC was NOT working in that little place.. I get the boys all open and ready to go.. get mine all open and off we go to the car.. we get to the car and .. ................................... .............. YEP.. NOTHING! not one single drop! lol
Do you ever think God is trying to tell you.. "HERE'S YER SIGH!" ?

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