Friday, July 21, 2006


They boys and I spent the day cleaning up the house.. My brother and his family are here visiting.. They didnt arrive until about 6pm.. and now I get to play Auntie! My brother and his wife went to the movies.. so now Im watching their 2 boys.. TJ (4 I think - 2nd time Ive ever met him) and Donivan(7 months - also 2nd time to ever meet) The baby is sleeping.. well... like a BABY! and TJ.. wellllllllllll.. he has been up, down, and in 3 different sleeping sections so far.. I just put him back to bed for the 9 millionth time.. he had to have some pudding.. (he didnt eat dinner) Josh gave out not long after bed time. I kept hearing TJ yell.. "you alright down there Josh?" Logan is trying his best to just fall asleep.. but TJ is making sure he doesnt have his eyes closed for too long! Hopefully my brother gets home soon! We started this "bedtime" at 9pm. its now 11:25. Im ready for bed!!! lol
They did warn me though.. this was TJ's first sleep over.. so I was ready!


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