Friday, July 28, 2006


So Ive been wondering.. at what point do you try and SELL your goodies?
Ive been keeping track of my downloads.. and so far .. to date.. my kits have been downloaded a total of 2665 times.. now if I were to sell these.. lets say.. for $4.99 (im just grabbing a #) that would be $13,298.35 bucks.. now that is for the last ....hmm.. 2 weeks! HECK even if I only got ONE BUCK for each download.. id be jumpin for joy! As a EA for the public schools here. I bring home on average about $250 a week.. SCAREY I KNOW!! selling online is my passion... I was a Ebay junkie before going to work at my boys school.. but even there.. I didnt bring hom 2,000 bucks a week.. so ... now..... HOW do I go about selling? should I sell? at what point does one decide? I feel funny even "talking" here.. no one seems to leave I KNOW YOUR VISITING!! I see my counter going up by leaps and bounds.. but no one says anything! Im so lonely! ok.. that was my thought of the day..


ChloƩ said...

Don't feel lonely, we are shy sometimes! LOL

I downloaded your freebies, and I love them (especially the last one, really great!!). Of course, not all the people that download freebies would pay for it, but if you design kits anyway, selling some of them might be a great bonus money... There are already some threads @ TDC about how starting to sell, go check there and see if you're interested!

Heather said...

I think you would do a good job w/ selling. thanks so much for sharing though! Have a great weekend.

Deanna said...

goodluck with your decision :D

shawnyrvr said...

I just download your freebies and I hate to have to be the one to break the bad news to you... but... they are all very very tiny. Please don't be mad at me... I'm just being honest with you. I'm so sorry no one has given you the heads up before you created so many lovely kits.

The thing is that a lot of digital scrappers aren't just digital only. They print their final completed pages out... like I myself bought a R1800 ($550 printer) because I was and still am a paper scrapper. I scrap true 12x12 size for the major extent. I want my pages ultimately to end up in my albums... not just on my PC.

This means that even with the ever ongoing debate of a designers creation size ppi (pixels per inch) needing to be either 200ppi or 300ppi... is invalid in the creations you have made to date -- since they appear to be cless than an inch in size in most cases. The paper scrappers scrap at 12x12" generally, but others at 8x10 and 6x6.

Your final size for example on backgrounds needs to be at the least 2400x2400... This would be a 12x12 at 200ppi... but the standard in digital kits I've bought over the past 2 years seems to be 3600x3600 which is 12x12 at 300ppi. The elements would need to be the size they are in real life or bigger. The trend right now in scrapbooking is bigger than life...

I know that there are some digital scrappers out there that only do it for the digital aspect... PC, CD's, and DVD's ...but I know that the majority are at least 8x8, 8x10, or 12x12 scrappers that plan on printing their final page.

Hope this info is helpful to you, and you aren't too upset with me that I'm the one breaking the bad news to you.

I do want to leave you with a positive last thought though!!! Your stuff is GREAT looking... great ideas, great colors, etc... You've definitely got the talent.

Good Luck! Blessings,

Patty said...

Hi Mindi
This is patty from your IM C
group. Sure you should sell
your kits. I buy kits once in
awhile. In fact I have purchased
around 15 in the past 2 months.
+ I pay per year for a scrap group.
But...I haven't used many kits yet.
Just for a tag or two.
That is not such good news tho.