Saturday, November 08, 2008

Long time no post AND halloween stuff

Time got away from me.. AGAIN.. I hate Oct! everything in the world happens IN OCT! Im glad its over. So I was able to finish my Haunted House, Finish the boys costumes, get the Halloween stuff all done, Get the house back in order for hubby to come home to.. and get a few things up in the store..

The Haunted House..
I think it turned out GREAT!!! I had several people comment on where I bought it.. which was COOL! Then I had a few ladies say they were going to make their hubbies come over to see it so they could make them one.. I informed them this was not a HUBBY job.. its glue and Trash kinda project.. and THEY COULD DO IT!.. they gave me lots of bad OOPS! anywho.. here is the finished house.. its hard to take pictures of it (well for me it is) when its glowing..

The Boys Costumes
Took me to the last minute.. but I got them done! and several people actually could tell what they were.. so SUCCESS!!!



DART said...

YAY YOU for getting so much into a post ya busy lady you! As always, everything looks perfect and full of fun!

Bunny Cates said...

Im still in awe at that freakin haunted mansion girl, you did AMAZING!!!