Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Could really use some prayers

just got a frantic call from my MIL..
she started having the shakes REAL bad after her 2nd chemo.. well its progressively gotten worse every day.. she called today to tell me she cant take it anymore.. and that she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.. and that she cant wait to see the Nero dr on the 28th.. and what should she do cuz she's in big trouble.. she told me she called the drs and she's waiting for them to call her back.. I told her there was nothing they could do over the phone.. she HAD to come up here.. she's scared of being put into the hospital and dieing.. she's over medicating herself to make herself sleep.. cuz she doesn't shake when she's asleep.. (so she says at this point) that has me worried as she's taking more meds then I would.. and I could take elephant tranquilizers .. and not be effected.. and she's mixing everything she has.. cuz stuff is starting to not work..
the kids only have half day today.. then no school Thurs and Fri.. which is good .. and bad.... Cody is now off till Sunday.. which is good too.. .. its good that the boys can be with us.. and not miss school if and when we have to dart to go get her.. as FIL cant come bring her till sat... but bad.. cuz then they will be around for everything.. school at least gets them out of the middle.. so they aren't as scared..
she's terrified.. she dropped the phone about 4 times in our 10 min talk.. it shakes right out of her hand..
no matter if Cody goes or me.. we will go in a bit to start that way.. they cant do anything for her THERE.. so we have to get her here NOW.. Cody of course is in bed.. he didn't get home till after 7 this am.. I had to go in and wake him to tell him about his mom..
I hated saying.. wake up.. you have to go get your mom.. but take a nap first.. like anyone could sleep after that news..hopefully FIL can take her half way.. which cuts the drive time for Cody in half.. and then its only a 6 hour drive..
I've had this thing in the pit of my stomach all week.. didn't know what it was.. thought it was just left over from my issues.. and all that.. now I know what it was
could use a prayer or 2.. please..


Kristine said...

Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers...


crzymom said...

So sorry Mindi! You, your mil and family are in my prayers. hugs

Sherrie (RCMama) said...

Mindi - you and your family are in my prayers. I hope that you are okay through this.

Shannon said...

(((HUGS))) So sorry to hear this Mindi! I hope you guys are able to get her back safely and that the Drs can do something for her ASAP! How are YOU feeling?