Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project 365.. really behind.. but still going!

I've been taking pictures every chance I get.. I just haven't been able to do much more then that.. so I worked a little bit tonight.. still have tons more to go.. but here are a few more off my list!

These 2 are from Sandia Peak.  I cant wait till warmer weather so we can go and enjoy it more there
311small 51small

I grew up playing with this ashtray.. no one ever used it for what it was made for.. it always had candy and other neat things in it.. its HUGE.. about 14 inches across.. if not more.
50small 18small 
FINALLY signs that spring is indeed here
300small 274small 
These are actually “weeds”  they are growing all over the neighborhoods around here.. no rhyme or reason.. just everywhere.. which is FINE by me.. they are so pretty!
Taken about 3am.. on one of the many potty breaks .. when we first got the puppies
Anyone who knows my husband knows.. DO NOT fall asleep in the living room.. or this will be your fate..
47small 222small 
One of many great shots I got from doing a recent photo shoot.  a true natural she is!  Her mother announced.. I WILL be doing many more shoots!  YIPPY!!

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crzymom said...

Love all your pictures Mindi! Great job keeping up on the photos. I have weeks where I have a hard time getting pictures taken.