Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out and About… 365



A friend took me out for a drive a few days ago.. and she showed me this amazing little bed and breakfast..  this is the driveway.. COOL HUH?



Ive started making changes in my life.. and trying to be a better parent.. these 2 little books really make me smile55small
Charlie and Sara.. Charlie is a litter mate to our dogs.. A friend took him home.. We get them all together at least once a week to play.. on this day we went to the park.. and they were DONE after a hour of play!

163small Big pants, BELT, and yet.. UNDERWEAR.. I'm so glad I'm not young anymore.. I cant stand to have my butt crack flappin in the breeze!!


.: Kristine :. said...

LOVE the driveway and I can almost smell those flowers....nice underwear though. Glad it wasn't crack tho...hahahaha

crzymom said...

So glad the crack wasn't showing! lol Love the driveway... and those pink flowers wow!