Thursday, February 12, 2009

out to eat 365

Yesterday was a rough one for me.. and since it was short day for the kids.. I decided we should just GO.. so we went to Fudruckers.. the boys and hubby love it there.. its not my fav.. but its OUT and Its cooked for me.. so I was OK with it!  I took some odd pictures to say the least.. I have more to add to my list.. but only got these 2 done so far..



Kristine said...

Morning Mindi!

I'll admit the ketchup pic cracked me right up. I am sleep deprived adn my hubby is addicted to the stuff...blech...

crzymom said...

Love the artificial food Mindi! Your pictures are great. I agree out to eat is great since I don't have to cook then! Hope today and tomorrow and the rest of your days go better.

crzymom said...

Hi Mindi!!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday today.