Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lackluster of a day

The day started off by me taking Logan to the Dr.. oh joy!  He has been getting into trouble for not paying attention and not listening.. to which he always says.. I CANT HEAR !  well we do know he has hearing issues.. so I was tired of hearing it.. and off we went.. they think he has fluids blocked in his tubes or something like that.. so a month of intense allergy and nasal drying stuff then we will test his hearing again.  Ive been having my overy pain again.. so after we went to breakfast and I took him to school. I went back to bed.. didnt get up till 2pm!  and Im ready for bed as I type!(its only 5:15!)  I needed to take some yearbook pictures so decided to walk around the yard and take some project 365 pictures too.. first chance ive had to take any in a week!  one day im going to have to go further then my yard can you image  all 365 in my yard or home.. that would be a challenge for sure!

Since I started late and have missed times.. I will more then likely be posting several when I do post.. tis the life of me!


Kristine said...

are those balloons or condoms?!


DART said...

Hope you're both feeling better soon! Great pics...catching up is going to be no problem for you!

crzymom said...

So sorry you've been unwell again Mindi! Love your pictures. I have a couple I need to take too to catch.