Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas cards and Chemo

nice title huh?  well that's my life these days.. This is the first year I have not designed every part of the boys Xmas picture cards.. I just didn't have the joy in me this year.. so I used all the fantastic freebies that are being offered all over the web..   great stuff.. I've been blog hopping on a regular basis now.  it fills some time slots.. that starting a project just wouldn't fit into.. so that is great!!  Tomorrow is another round of Chemo.. Finally got MIL healthy enough to stand it..
Anyone else kinda in the depressed mood this year.. so many people out of work.. and money is tight for everyone.. I don't know if we will have the inlaws here for Xmas or not.. so if not.. I think we are going to have just a big ol family time kinda holiday.. hubby is off this year.. (unless they allow OT and they call him in)  so I'm hoping we just veg around the house.. and play games and do stuff as a family.. I'm going to put a NO WORLD OF WARCRAFT ban on the house.. well.. I should say I'm going to TRY.. at least for one entire day.. if not a few.. so we can really play together.. the boys wont be kids much longer.. Logan is 10 and Josh is 9.. the double digits of age are here.. so we gotta get in the play now.. before we, the parents become so dumb and lame.. that our children wouldn't be caught dead with us..lol
I wish you all .. a very merry Xmas.. and this year.. lets all try and go a smidgen overboard on the loving of our families.. even if its just for a small time.. it counts!!


Kristine said...

Hiya hunny!

Things are tight all over...hubby is going to be off for 3 weeks this year...first time in 14 years he's been laid off...
We're staying home and cookin' a turkey, staying in our jammies and just spending time together as a family...I need to find my joy for designing so maybe a break will refresh me..

Sending huge hugs your way!!

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Well, I just want to say that your blog looks simply devine!!! I totally dig and love what you did with it. GORGEOUS!!!

Dear... I'm praying for you to get thru these Chemo treatments and the holidays with flying colors. May they be very merry and bright for the whole family. Bless you!

What a wonderful message you shared with us from your heart... thank you for taking the time to do so, even after all this.

You take good care now... especially time for yourself, you deserve it!!!

DART said...

hope yer Merry is VERY MERRY Mindi! Love the new look of your blog...YOU ROCK WOMAN! Good luck with the WOW ban, if you figure out how to make that happen for real, let me know! lol Great pic of the boys! I mean handsome young men.

Ciao for now...

Lynn said...

Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas with lots of family time! Love the card you made with the boys pics!! Hugs,

jacker said...

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