Friday, December 19, 2008

Bleach in my eye! and Christmas goodie bags

DEAR LORD Bleach burns when you get it directly in your eye!
I was doing wash.. and when I was about to walk away.. I saw that a box I have in front of the washer (I have a front loader, so thought maybe it was leaking) was wet! so I grabed it up.. and when I did.. it caught on the door and flicked into my face.. OF COURSE ITS PURE BLEACH! I mean.. what else would it be! lol it splattered all over my face.. my fav GRAY sweatshirt.. my pants.. and my EYE!! I dropped the box and ran into the bathroom.. grabbed watter to put into my eye.. only to have it go down the inside of my sleep.. and into my bra.. ice cold water is VERY refreshing in the morning! so off with the clothes.. all the time with only one good eye.. then my head doesnt fit under the faucet.. so im cuping water and blinking.. only to look into the mirror to see if my eye was in deed still there.. to find.. that my make up was still perfect..lololol now this is the funny part.. I dont normally put on make up.. but Logan had a drs appt at 8am.. and the boys both have their Christmas parties today.. so I was ready for it all.. Im thinkin im going to wear this makeup it withstood.. drs, school diliveries, pure bleach, a whirlwind of a strip, and a ice bath.. my hair and make up are as fresh as the min I put it on..lololol course I cant see it JK.. it burns.. but is fine.. hubby told me to just keep flushing it every few.. He is rescue for Intel.. (among 10000 other job titles) and they have every chemical known to man kind.. most that kill.. he told me its going to burn like I swam all day in a pool with my eyes open.. but to keep flushing it just to make sure its all out and it doesnt dry into crystals.. so WILL DO!
Im such a procrastinator too.. the boys parites are TODAY.. so of course last night is when I did up the goodie bags! half the reason is cuz I didnt but im THAT MOM that thinks a goodie bag has to be issued for every occasion possible.. and the other half of the reason I waited was money is tight.. and I couldnt find anything to put in the blasted things! how sad is that??? I had bought a thing of playdoh at Sams after halloween.. 66 of the minis for 1.50.. I mean.. how is that a bad thing!??!?! so those went in.. minus the black ones.. they also just recently I guess.. found a pallet of halloween candy left over.. well it was the GOOD KINd.. ya know.. the 15lb bags of HERSHEY things.. for 3 bucks.. so I got 2 of those.. some for the boys lunches.. some for and the rest for the goodie bags.. I found some small candy canes and some christmassy suckers.. and that was IT! ive been looking for a month.. and there was NOTHING for goodie bags this year.. I saw some pencils at thanksgiving time.. but thought .. they will be there when I need them.. HA.. poor kids .. they are going to open those bags and go.. UHHH.. what gives? lol its just candy and a playdoh.. oh well.. better then nothing.. I normally make the teacher gifts too.. not this year.. no time with MIL and no brain waves.. so they got good ol store bought.. 50 bags done!