Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's doodles

This was suppose to be a cartoon hand.. I got the big finger OK but the other fingers are HARD!  lol

I opted out of drawing the mouse sleeping cuz he ate all the cheese.. just looked harder then I thought I had the gumption for today.

Now I've already been asked is this a EGG? or a ROCK in a puddle..its a EGGGGGGG~

These little things were harder then they looked.. in the book their are only like 6 lines.. and poof KILLER WHALES!  well after about 150 lines, mine still looked like some deformed

Today's Fav.. it looks sooo cool in real life.. but its alot lighter.. had to darken it up a smidge.. the boys like this one too.. I've never in my life been able to do these kind of angles.. so to me.. this was a good one!

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LiviaY said...

These are AWESOME!!!