Monday, November 22, 2010

*LOST* trying to find myself in this odd world

My deepest desire is to become known.. for what I'm not sure.. but I want to be a success at something.. ANYTHING.. and I want to be good at SOMETHING, that people will want said something from me.. (get outta the gutter if you slipped a bit.. ) I want to be a successful photographer, digital designer, furniture maker/remodeler...or SOMETHING else.. Im really not picky.. I will take anything.
I would loooooove to be the next person to accidentally make the world better by creating THE THING..

how do I do this???? Ive got to be missing the connect gene or something.. I know I can do almost anything I set my mind to.. but to connect my desire for greatness and my ability to carry out the plan.. its like I no longer have the right kinda plug/adapter. I keep thinkin if I surround my stuff with EVERYTHING I think could be THE THING that makes it happen.. then it will.. so far all that has done is make very little room to live in the house.. and no where to park the cars in the garage.. I'm really starting to feel like I need to be plastered on the EPIC FAIL site..
I blog hop and hop and hop.. and see a billion things I too can do.. some just as good.. some better and a lot HA! I wish.. and I wonder.. how did they get over this bump in the road and just go for it and be wonderful? is it my fear of not doing it perfect that keeps me from ever trying? my fear of copying to close to the thing I'm copying? my fear of failure ? my fear of no one liking the things I make or do? the fear of SUCCEEDING?
Ive even lost all my blog peeps cuz Ive just fallin into deep, heavy, sticky, keep you down and out funk.


Tracy said...

Ditto hun :( I want to make money and get outa debt lol

Oh btw you haven't lost all your blog peeps ;)

Tracy said...


Monkey Girl said...

I totally understand what ya mean. I'm trying my best to help make money to so we don't lose our house. I've made a total of 200 so far. :) I really and truly understand. Just for the record I love all the things that you make. You are a very creative person!!! I've learned so much from you!!!! I still read your blog! I check in from time to time. :)

Manu said...

Sweets, could you please email me? I can't find your emails adress and want you to ask something ;)

Email to or leave your email addy on my blog, please.


Kris said...

Swinging by to wave atcha!!!!!

M-C said...

Ha! First you haven;t lost all your peeps! Second, I could have written this post! I really, really could have written it! MAybe you need to come on over here and help me clean out all the craft clutter and I need to go over there and help clean out yours! Only problem I can see? We'd provably end up with each other's clutter thinking OH, I can make something wondeful with this! Haha! So there you have it, we aren't even unique in our madness! So what will you be making to change the world tomorrow? I'm still working on that one! Big Hugz!