Friday, March 25, 2011

Thinkin my life WOULD be better if bloggin was in it!

OMG I think I wrote all this while asleep.. I cant even understand it.. SORRY!
Im going to try this again.. im sooo embarrassed!

When you see new stuff from digital designers.. What are you looking for?
  1. Do you just want the scrap stuff (like are you looking for just buttons? flowers? or complete kits that all match?
  2. Do you want hybrid stuff?
  3. Do you want CU stuff?
  4. Do you want things you can use both for digital scrapping and real scrapping/projects?
  5. Want kits to print and make projects?
  6. Do you just impulse buy cuz you like the colors or elements?
  7. Do you just look at the digital stuff then go to your stash and make due with what you already have at home?
  8. Do you look for digital items that go with your traditional stuff (do some of your layout with digital stuff, then print it and add tradition stuff to the printed sheet?
  9. Are there things you want and just cant ever seem to find from digital / hybrid stores?

FILL ME IN~ Its been so long since Ive been in the digital loop and actually was able to talk to customers.. so you the customers.. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT and I will do my best to not only figure this out, but to give you items you can use!

HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOTS! Im hella tough and can take almost anything you wanna toss on my plate for me to make it more fun and easier on you!!!

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