Sunday, April 13, 2008

embarrassing.. but oh well.. people wanna know

So we have belt tests approx every 3 months. This particular belt test dang near got the best of me. Ive yet (until this one) to have a issue breaking any of boards.. actually quite the opposite. I'm known for my powerful breaks..
(I know I'm fat! so stop going.. uhhh YEA RIGHT! - but my legs are solid muscle) I even have several of the honored holes in the ceiling! ANYWHO! This break we had to spin around and kick from behind.. well I'm not sure if you noticed or not.. but I'm no ice skater! No matter what I did.. I kept missing.. or wasn't lined up right and didn't have the power I needed. Well after about the 6th try.. I got it.. FINALLY! and just so happens our mental note for that belt was PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! fitting don't you think??

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