Thursday, April 24, 2008

Early Morning M~E~L~T down

Backtracking - Last night was horrid for dinning out.. My all time fav restaurant.. is switching things. WHY? it aint broke! so me and the boys dinner basically sucked.. they at least did get a bit to eat.. I opted to never mind my order.. So Cody comes home from work/school and announces he's STARVING and to get ready to go.. we tell him the story.. now he's bummed .. cuz he wants to go eat.. so we all get re ready and out we go (its 8pm by this time!) We decide to head to Red Robin.. Never been there on a family night.. it was fun.. they had a balloon lady and face painting.. well the boys were not hungry of course.. so they got a shake.. and went and stood in line to be painted.. Josh opted for a GIRAFFE (big shocker there) and Logan opted for a DIAMOND BACK. They were so proud.. until.......... I know.. its the mom in me to add the BUT......... Until I told them.. oh dear.. its bed time guys.. I offered to wrap them in plastic.. but soon realized its tooooo hot and they would sweat the bad boys off in no time.. so we all opted for a RISK IT approach.. 5AM.. yes you read that right.. 5AM they are both up.. frantic.. and miserable.. Their paintings were missing crucial parts and smudged on other parts.. told them to go back to bed.. we would deal with it in the morn.. I did manage to catch a cat name.. .. 6:45AM.. realize I'm fighting a uphill battle.. and go ahead and get up.. tell them to get dressed and eat.. we then had to hunt for paint.. I keep tons of it around.. think we could find the colors we needed? HECK NO! anywho.. we make some changes to some parts.. and away we go..

Josh's giraffe.. ended up with no head what so ever.. and a missing chest.. most of that was found on his upper arm and face.. I didn't wanna re do the entire thing.. so we hoped for the best.. got the white base on.. got the black outline on.. and umm.. we have no brown.. we have lots of brown bottles of DRIED paint.. but nothing workable.. We did manage to get him eating something again.. I wanted to give him some branches.. josh insisted leaves must go BACK ON IT!.. ok ok ok.. my first attempt did nothing for him.. he wanted it to have BIG LEAVES.. oooooooook! big leaves it is..

Logan's snake had much bigger issues.. half of him was on Josh's back side.. (I told them to not sleep in the same bed - but some nights.. they just sneak it) other parts of his snake.. were flat out.. GONE.. others.. on the face and LEG.. lol guess you know how he sleeps! Once again.. this darn snake is covered in brown.. so I get the white base back on.. (had to just redo the entire thing) and it started mixing with the black.. so its gray.. he thought that was cool.. GREAT !!!.. get almost done with everything.. I'm now on the head.. and he screams.. STOP!!!!!!!!! the lady last night had used glitter paint.. GEE THANKS LADY! well I don't have glitter paint.. now could I find glitter at this time of the morn.. I'm amazing myself I'm getting paint on a human.. so we alter the face a smidgen.. of course.. he's now much meaner.. with bloody fangs and glowing red eyes.. He thought .. in the end... that it looked better then it did last night.. WHOOO HOOO.. YOU GO MOM!! Course the lady last night used face painting paint.. and I of course used reg paint.. so mine is already cracking.. So I guess I know what I'm getting next time I go to the store.. now to just fine the GLITTER STUFF!!

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Anonymous said...

my first visit to you blog! I grabbed your freebie over at DSO and wanted to say thanks I have just ahd a read through. Oh My how funny is this story especially about the snake ending up on various other body parts!!!! So thanks for the mini kit and thanks for the giggles Oh and thank you boys too!