Friday, July 03, 2009

“altered” guitar case AND some six flags pictures

My oldest son has started playing the guitar and was given a hand me down hard case.  This was at Christmas time.. well the lining was just in crumbles due to it being 30+ years old!!  I kept saying I was going to redo it for him.. well it was time!
This was the shell after I spent almost a hour trying to get all the BITS out.
It took me even longer to get the cardboard inserts.. and here I thought I was a master of all things cardboard.. HA!
All the cardboard covered with batting and one side covered in the material my son picked out.
I thought I was going to need more supplies, but I thought on it over night and figured out a way to make it work.. and I even have some left!
And here it is all finished.. just waiting for a guitar!
Its been so long since I posted or did anything.. I should be lashed with et noodles for a week.. Ive got alot of pictures and stuff to post.. will have to just DO IT! 
EDITED TO ADD MORE PICTURES!(forgot to post them!)
Here is my hubby standing in line for one of the rides (hes so tall all you saw was this croud of people all scrunched up and then his head over them..LOL)
Here is the gang with Scrappy Doo
Josh and the Martian Crew
The gang with Wiley
Josh and Cody preparing for SUPERMAN
As soon as it took off!  LOL (made this one bigger .. to get the FULL
After the ride
The boys
Logan driving alone for the first time
These guys had just finished a play and were more then happy to hold us up!
Cody HOLDING Logan.. prolly one of the last times this will EVER happen.. as Logan .. even tho he is 10!!  is only ONE FOOT shorter then my 6’4” husband
Josh at a rest stop on the way home from Texas


DART said...

Case turned out fantastic Mindi-well done woman! Love the family pics too...the boys are growing up fast! Oh, Wile E. and Marvin--aren't they cute! Looks like a fun time!

crzymom said...

Love your pictures Mindi! Looks as though you had lots of fun. Your boys have gotten so big!!!