Saturday, May 30, 2009

swine flu? and some project 365 pictures

Well.. this Tue will be SEVEN WEEKS that I have been sick.. and I'm not talking a little cold.. I'm talking SICK IN BED.  They tested me at the begin of all this for the swine flu.. I guess I didn't have it.. no one ever said I do or I don't.. I've been to Dr after Dr.. no one has a clue what's wrong with me.. I've had a fever for 6 weeks.. and a cough and a sore throat.. I'm so done with this!!  The kids have been great about it all.. I seem to always fall asleep in the recliner.. and when I do.. the boys turn everything off and sneak  making sure I'm all cozy and left alone.. SO SWEET.. They have really grown up.. and turning into amazing little me.. I'm so very proud of them..
I've been slacking on posting the 365 pictures.. every chance I get (normally when I go to the I take my camera and see what I can take a picture of.  I will try and start posting a few when I can.. I need to get back into the swing of things.. and back into designing.. I feel like I've lost my best friend since I've been sick and not able to design.. I'm using a new book frame I did.. hopefully it will be available soon.




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crzymom said...

Mindi, I'm so sorry you've been sick so long. Been there. Glad your boys have been so helpful and understanding. I'll continue praying. Love your pictures