Monday, May 26, 2008

HAPPY?? Memorial Day!!

its almost 8 and I'm JUST getting done.. from.. cleaning and redoing one sons room
didn't start out that way.. Had this grand idea this morning while laying in bed , I'm going to get up and go make him a ton of little shelves all over his room!  using a lot of the left over wood from the bathroom remodel.  (they are only about 4 inches wide)  was going to put these all over in his non poster spaces.. so that he could put all of his transformers (his daddy collected them as a kid.. gave them to Logan,  Logan then started collecting them cuz daddy did... but doesn't REALLY play with them.. )
so to get them out of this huge eye sore of a box that is always in the way.. I was going to "display" them all over the walls..
GOOD IDEA!  cept.. I couldn't get to the walls!  (good thing my aunt , while here visiting, "helped" him clean his room.)  cuz 10 hours later.. IM DONE!!  minus all the shelves  I did get everything CLEEEEEEEAN.. vacuumed, dusted, FOUND.. and then I rearranged his room.. so now those of us not 9 can WALK thru it!  always a bonus I think!
I'm beat.. but he is totally diggin his room.. keeps telling me I'm the best mom in the world.. HAHA! 
who woulda thunk cleaning the kids room
(he did MOST of the work.. ) would grant me this award?!
so that is how I spent my "Holiday"  1 room outta 10 aint bad.. right??? lol 
**side note**  do ALL boys sneak/hide food in their rooms?  I mean, he keeps our kitchen CLEAN of anything edible.. but yet.. the amount of crumbs, packages, umm.. no longer bits.. that I found.. was just amazing..
all boys are sneakers.. RIGHT?  lol


crzymom said...

1 room out of 10 is doing awesome Mindi! Girls are sneakers too. I think the kids that have bottomless pits for stomachs are the ones that sneak the food. I had to remind my 19 year old that the snacks he has been munching on are for his younger siblings school lunches and have to last till the end of the school year (3 weeks away!) and if he ate breakfast and lunch he wouldn't have the snackies as much. lol Love reading your blog sweetie!

Anonymous said...

OMG... when I used to clean out my boys' room, sometimes I would find dirty underwear hiding in their closet!!! GROSS!!!! Those were the days... now they have kids of their own, so hopefully they will pay them back!

Andrea said...

Just downloaded your boy stuff from DSO DLADAy!!! Thank you!! It's darling!!