Sunday, November 18, 2007

My latest project!!

started this stupid things weeks ago then with josh and life.. it just got put off..
then I discovered.. AFTER my first sketch was drawn and the wood cut.. It was not going to be what I wanted..
so I sketched again.. went and had more wood cut.. only to discover.. it cant be built like that! (this is where a carpenter would laugh his buns off at me)
so 3rd sketch and a tetris of sorts of the cut wood.. this is what I have.. it was suppose to be a wall of cubes.. like a cubed book shelf kinda thing.. *coughs* well.. maybe in my next
this also was suppose to but when I asked hubby to hep me assemble.. he crabbed the warped wood.. so its the leaning tower of paper now.. which is FINE.. he helped.. so I don care! it can lay just as easy as it can stand!!
but this will hold ALSMOST all my 12x12 yea.. hubby is not thrilled at my amount of stuff gather again.. but I tried to show him.. I've been taking things out of where they were so I can SEE them..
so I think my next project is to make myself a desk/work table.. and then attempt those darn cube things

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