Thursday, May 24, 2007


So we have NO money right now and it slapped me in the face this morning that tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
and I have yet to get something together for the boys teachers..
well its hard to give a GOOD gift.. because Logan has 2 teachers and 3 EAs in him class then Josh has 1 teacher..
so this is what I came up went Target this morn for laundry soap and saw they had these freezer mugs on sale for 79 cents each.
then thought ok now what..? so kept walking... and saw some gum and went OH EXTRA.. I know its but hey..
butt poor =
but I think they are CUTE!

The teachers get 3 packs of

and the EAs get 2!

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mrsbopp said...

You know what? I can tell you first hand that ANY teacher who received this as a "thank you" gift was VERY DELIGHTED. VERY!! And I can also tell you that in my building - if any of us received such a wonderful, thoughtful gift - NOT ONE of us would ever say "cheap". NOT ONE I TELL YOU!! I am passing this along to as many friends as I can, and I hope you don't mind - it is a brilliant fresh thoughtful idea!! Congratulations!