Thursday, February 15, 2007

A funny on ME.. literally!

So we all know yesterday was V-day.. It snowed here so there was no school..
So today enough snow has melted that school is a go. The boys both had to take drinks to class for the party (I'm assuming they are going to do their parties today)
I have double bagged drinks for each boy. I ask them.. CAN YOU CARRY THESE? They both proclaim YES MOM!!! I'm thinkin GREAT! I don't have to get out and go to their classes.. I can just drop them off!! (if I was going to have to take them I was going to go to a different place then where I go to drop off)
So we get almost to the front of the drop off line and they both proclaim.. WE CANT CARRY THESE!!!!!!!!.. OOOOK.. so I pull into the LAST parking spot and out we get. I notice.. that the snow was plowed.. but the ice was left. just a random thought at this point. I load myself with 50+ juices and off we start. slipppp.. I bobble.. and save myself.. I think to myself. THANK YOU KARATE!!
step step step. slippppp. bobble bobble SAVE! wheeeeew!
step step step.. going good now! step step.. slipppp.. bobble bobble SWOOOOSH! another one bites the dust.. yeppers.. MAN DOWN!
As soon as I hit the slushy ice.. I hear from a DISTANCE.. are you ok mom? at this point I'm so embarrassed because I just did this in front of everyone dropping their kids off.. all the kids (everyone single one of them seemed to know me today.. ) and all the staff out front.. which I know all of from working there.. I look behind me to make sure the boys are safe and behind me and not in the road.. they are facing the OTHER direction acting like they have no clue who I am.. LOL which makes me start laughing..
the 2 dads, armed with snacks and kinder kids.. don't know if I'm crying or laughing. .and have arms full and cant do anything but ask me if I was ok. I reply.. yes. and am trying to make my hands and knees come some what close to my body. The duties in front of the school are screaming.. ARE YOU OK MINDI?????? so of course all the people that had no clue I was down.. are now looking! so I'm yelling.. IM FINE IM FINE!.. meanwhile. the boys still don't know me. but keeps asking.. are you ok?
so I'm trying to get up.. but I'm in the middle of what seems like lake Michigan. I cant get any grip.. I still have bags of juices in each hand. so now I've decided.. I HAVE to get up. I'm dying here.. so I CRAWL to dry get up.. and it was like EF Hutten was talking.. not a car moving.. not a person walking.. all eyes on me.. I'm wishing I had fallen in a hole.. but NO! that would be too easy! so I finally get to my feet.. with no help from the boys still are about 50 paces behind me.. going.. man that looked like it hurt..lolol.. I get them both half way and proclaim.. IM DONE! and they could carry their own juices the rest of the way.. and to much of my surprise.. both grab a bag and say.. NO PROBLEM and are off and

lesson learned today: If you think your child is being a smidge lazy and your pretty sure they can do something by themselves. .just make a goober out of yourself in front of their school.. and watch them snap too and do the job even faster then you had wished!

now I'm off to bandage all my boo boos..lolol

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